Best Answer You can also search for Marlin model 80 parts seeing as how the J.C. Higgins is a clone of the model 80 and Marlin is easier to get parts for. I got a model 80 elevation key for the rear sight from the sight and looked and fit exactly the same as the old one I lost off my J.C.

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Q: Where can you find parts for a J C Higgins Model 103 16 22 Cal model 103.228-22cal?
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Where can you get parts for a 12 gauge JC Higgins Model 101.1 shotgun?

Stevens made jc Higgins shotguns ,the model 311 interchanges with the jc Higgins

Where can you get a parts diagram for a jc Higgins model 58320?


Where can you get parts for a jc Higgins model 50 rifile?

Some parts are available from Numrich:

Where can you order parts for a JC Higgins Model 103.229 tube feed 22 caliber bolt action rifle?

I have parts for that model.

Where can you get parts for a JC Higgins 22 caliber bolt action rifle model number 103.228?

Numrich Gn Parts Crp. I believe it is a Marlin Model 81. I Have A JC Higgins Model #103.229 Bolt Action E Mail

Where can you find parts for a j c Higgins model 101.13?


Where can you find parts for a JC Higgins Model 20?

I have quite a few.

Where can you buy parts for a 22 caliber JC Higgins Model 31 rifle?

I also have a Jc Higgins Model 31, try That is where I geet all my parts. They seem to have a lot of parts, and they have always what I was looking for. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Where can you find a break down manual on a model 88 j c Higgins 9 shot 22?

theres a website j.c. Higgins model 88 has the exploded view with parts list

Where can you get a stock for a JC Higgins model 43 dl?

A Marlin model 81 DL is the same rifle. You can put the same stock on your J.C. Higgins. Now to find a stock for a model 81. Try or perhaps Numrich gun parts.

Who has parts for the jc Higgins model 60 12ga?

Numrich arms West Hurley NY.

Where to fine parts for j c Higgins 22 cal model 10124?

numrich arms

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