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numrich arms

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Q: Where to fine parts for j c Higgins 22 cal model 10124?
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Where can you fine parts for a Stevens west point 16 ga single shot model Model?

I would try Numrich gun parts corp.They may be found on the web.

Where can you fine an online manual for craftsman electric blower vacuum model 257.796350?

An electric blower with the parts breakdown at:

Where to fine parts for model 916A shotgun?

Try gun shops, pawn shops, gun shows,

Whats the value of a jc Higgins 12ga model 10141 single shot in fine cond?

Just about any economy single-shot shotgun, including yours, would top out at $100.

Who manufactured JC Higgins model 103 rifle?

I believe it is made by Marlin model 57M also the Enfield 57M is the same gun as well, at least this is what my research is showing. Mine is a 22 mag and I am very happy with it, it works fine just like a Marlin.

What are interchangeables parts?

parts of a machine that are identical parts that you can change and it still work fine

What is the proper scope base for jc Higgins model 101.16?

Weaver N series, N2 being the lowest height and N5 being the highest for bolt clearance. N2 is most common and should be fine for most variations of the 101.16s.

Model 36 Chiefs Special?

A fine revolver.

What kdx engines have interchangeable parts with a 1986 kdx 200?

1987-1988 is the only years i know that will interchange. i have a 1988 KDX 200 with a 1985 model engine and it runs just fine. I do have a 1988 engine for parts if you need something

Where can I fine parts for a Wards Western Field Model 16M 20 gauge Bolt Action Shotgun?

There are several types of gun stores that sell parts for different types of shotguns including models by Western Field. There are also online retailers like Amazon that sell these parts.

When were the JC Higgins MOdel 100 12 gauge dbl barrells produced?

1954 and 55 only a few were produced, beginning to see some value as a collector and a fine gun lately if you own one i would avise not shoot it and if you do only lead shells

Smith and Wesson model 39 9m?

A fine pistol.

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