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The Online Gun auction site Gunbroker is good source for "parts guns", which are completed, but inoperable guns being sold for the parts value. There are also "Parts Kits" which are all of the parts that have been stripped off of guns being destroyed by a Police or Sheriff department. Typically the frame/receiver section is cut up and everything else... barrel, internal parts, stocks, etc. are sold.

Ebay, which recently reversed a policy decision to not allow firearm parts (The ban came shortly after the Virgina Tech shootings), has again become a source of parts. As always "buyer beware" as those venues are subject to parts dumping, plus with any used part, you have to approach it with the knowledge that the past history of the gun that the part came off of is unknown, so the condition of part itself in doubt.

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Q: Where can you find parts for an old shotgun?
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