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Gun Parts Corporation in Hurley NY offers Schematics and some parts. I believe they are e-gunparts on the web.

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Q: Where can you find parts info and schematics for Lefever Nitro Specials?
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What year was a 12 gauge Lefever Nitro Special SxS serial number 168787 made?

The Ithaca-Lefever Nitro Specials with serial numbers between 158700 and 185399 were manufactured in 1924. Ithaca acquired the Lefever company in 1916, but manufactured two models of double-barrel guns (the Lefever Nitro Special and the Lefever A Grade) under the original company name between 1921 and 1947. Firearms expert Charles Gage estimated the collector value of another piece from that year to be between $200 and $500, depending on condition whether all parts are original. For more information, see Related Link, below.

Where can you get a parts breakdown of a lefever nitro special double barrel 12 ga shotgun made by the lefever arms co of Ithaca ny?

To get a parts breakdown you would need to take the shotgun into a gun store. The store will be able to provide an estimate, or order new parts.

What is the age of a Lefever Arms Co 12ga double nitro special shotgun made in Ithaca NY serial number 206508?

I have a 16 guage nitro special with serial 149296. i have pinpointed it in the area of 1925-6. nitro specials were created from 1923-1946 serial numbers 100000-360000. since yours is 206508, it wold probaly be an early to mid 30's model. sadly, nitro specials aren't worth much. Lucky to get $300 off one, because a. it's not a real lefever (made by ithica, who bought the company out) and b. it was originally a cheap weapon. my advice: use it for hunting. my nitro shoots great and it's a fun gun. keep it in good condition. the're starting to make new parts for them, so the ones with all stock parts (like ours) will go up in PRICE

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What is the value of a 410 Lefever Nitro Special side by side double trigger shotgun?

Since we have no way of knowing what condition it might be in, we can only say anywhere from $250 for parts to $1400 for near-mint.

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