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Where can you find psp rubber contact under analog controller?

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Do they make rubber grips for the PS3 controller?

They make covers called controller sleeve out of a soft silicone material and available at for under $10 see related link

Should the Titles of controller and treasurer be adopted under Indian context?

controller and treasurer be adopted under Indian context

Can you make your Xbox 360 controller stay on all night so you could get extra credits in Halo Reach I tried rubber banding the analog sticks but it turned off later anyway Help?

Use a wired controller (one that dowe NOT have a battery pack only a cord) and make sure your system does not have auto-off ON (check under system settings tab on the 360). Then just stand there in firefight or Forge (make sure you have a timer for the game on otherwise you will eventually exit the game, I suggest an hour)

Does semiconductor diodes come under analog electronics?


What is under the rubber roof layer of a 1998 sunline camper?

judging that this camper is like every other i have ever worked on with a rubber roof, directly under the rubber is the adhesive and then plywood. Under the plywood is roof rails, duct work, and insulation.

Can I customize my xbox controller with skins like my phone has?

You can buy controller skins for the Xbox.They cost under ten dollars.

Where is the GameCube memory card located?

Under the controller port.

Where is the oil pressure sending unit on a 1995 Ford contour?

under the rubber of the front left tire under the rubber of the front left tire

Where is the theft deterrent controller on a 1987 corvette?

Under passenger seat

Does the 1997 GMC Yukon fuel gauge have a controller under the dashboard?


What are under water rubber tires?

underwater rubber tyres are tyres that are put under the water to stop erosion,it is very popular in Canada. it is a type of soft-engineering.

How far can a rubber band be stretched before it breaks?

This depends on the size of the rubber band, the materials and impurities in the rubber band, and the speed at which you stretch it, as well as the conditions that the rubber band has been under.

Is it okay to put rubber mulch under and around my trampoline?

You can put it around but not under

How do you connect a ps3 controller to a ps3?

It should sinc if you push the PS button, but if not you can plug the controller into the playstation with the charger and then try againIf the controller is being connected for the for the first time and is not an official Sony ps3 controller and it is a ps3 compatible controller, connect the controller with a USB cable to the ps3, then under settings> device settings> register new device. This is how it works for Wired and Wireless headsets for the ps3 too.This sectional guide answer was modified by TechnoFixunder 'Modified for a wider understanding'.

How do rubber bands work?

If you are talking about elastics from your orthodontics, all rubber bands do is fix your over or under bite.

You smell a burnt rubber smell from under the hood of your 2001 Chevy venture what is it?

a burnt rubber ball in the cardorater

What do you do if the controller does not function properly?

it depends on a few factors. what kind of controller is it? is it under warrenty? whats wrong with it? you need to provide more info to get a full answer

How do you turn the vibrations of an Xbox 360 controller off?

I belive its under settings.

Is your 2010 dodge ram 1500 bighorn edition with the hemi suppose to have the wiring harness to plug the brake controller into?

If it had the factory wiring at the bumper it will have plugs under the driver side of the dash for the factory style in dash brake controller.If it had the factory wiring at the bumper it will have plugs under the driver side of the dash for the factory style in dash brake controller.

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Hydroplaning is when water builds up under your tires and the rubber loses contact with the road surface, and you have no control over the vehicle. Ease off of the accelerator pedal until you regain control.

Does sleeping with your phone under your pillow give you a headcahe?

i sleep with an xbox controller under my pillow and it doesnt bother me. same for my phone

What will happen if you put a piece of rubber under a heat lamp?


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Its under the bed

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Because if the child falls off the swing, then they will just bounce on the soft rubber.

How else could you do the job that the disk controller does?

if your refering to IDE or SATA controller mostly likely using IDE or Sata ports on the board else u could go external by USB disk controller is recognised in BIOS under an IRQ

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