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a starting point might be mother earth news. they go over living pool and talk about materials. you could always add a pump, filter, waterfall, fountain to maintain your pool. motherearthnews

go to archives issue 193

natural pools

august/September 2002 issue

AnswerWe had the same problem. I scoured libraries, bookstores and the net. I tried engineers as well. We were looking to build our own indoor pool - there are seemingly no experts that cover the construction, humidity concerns etc... My best reference was the internet and about 400 hours plus. I grew up with a pool, ran a pool - including maintenance - but always outdoors. I looked for postings in the end in which people were asking for help with specific problems ie leaks, mold, shifting etc... so I could troubleshoot. We've built our own indoor pool - saving thousands and thousands of dollars and haven't had any problems. I would do it again in a second. Do you have a specific question? I'd love to help if I can, thanks, Kelli AnswerI built my own pool a few years back in Chandler Arizona.

It took a bunch of work and research on my part and a lot of time. I documented my experience on a website:

AnswerBuild your own pool information -- you can get it from many sources, but the swimming pool professional starts with The Bible from ANSI/NSPI, not to mention many hours of TECH Cert classes, mfgr seminars, state and local requirements, advanced schooling, just to name a few.

Non-licensed individuals rely on OJT, friends and what engineers know as SWAG.

It's easy to hire a swimming pool professional, engineer, or architect to handle your project. You get what you pay for and piece of mind when you hire a professional who is licensed and insured.

Are your looking for a reference on construction codes for an inground pool. The latest codes are ANSI/NSPI-5 2003 55 Pages of the most current codes adopted by most building officials. This is just one reference for sale. Last I knew you could order it from ANSI for around 200.00. You cant expect your local library to keep current on construction building codes, on the budgets they have a hard time keeping up on the newest poly sci rags.

On a very serious and noteworthy item is dual main drains, you're responsible for building with the most current standards as the contractor. You will also note changes to slope and walls in all Swimming Pools. Believe me the old liners cheap and for sale show up every day that do not meet code. Every day I find many suppliers unaware of changes that's a real fact. Swim safe hire a licensed insured swimming pool professional.

ANSWERBuy the pool kit through a reputable pool dealer, get plenty of advice and have someone reliable guide you through it, tell you the next step, a man who has built pools and knows what they are doing.
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Q: Where can you find reference materials for building your own pool?
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What does pool SA stand for in building a swimming pool?

It may be referring to the building materials such as Structural Armor... though it depends on what kind of swimming pool you are referring to.

What materials are used for building swimming pool decks?

Swimming pool decks can be made out of three materials. These include wood, composite wood and concrete. If your design is great, either of these materials can make your pool look amazing. The type of wood most commonly used are treated pine, cedar and redwood.

What is a pool company that will put in an inground pool?

Independent contractors vary from location to location; however, the building materials they carry come from a few manufacturers. Be sure to do your own research on the available building materials before being "sold" by a contractor. What city do you live in? I could recommend a few local contractors.

Am I required to get a building permit before installing an inground swimming pool?

In most cities such a structure as an inground pool will require a building permit. You will have to contact your local city hall to find out for sure.

What materials are typically used when building pool fences?

In order to build a pool fence, a person will first need to decide on the type of fence, since their are different types. Some materials needed would be, PVC fencing, glass, aluminum tube and a removable mesh.

Where can one find information on diving boards?

Information about diving boards could be found online from shops that sell pool materials and also from online websites of sh[s that sell diving boards, beach and pool materials.

Where can you get a pool from?

Contact your local pool builder. They should be able to assist you in designing and building your pool.

How do you buy a pool in sims 2 on Playstation 2?

Go to building mode, pool, then the pool

What are pool enclosures usually made from?

Pool enclosures can be made from many different materials. The most common material that pool enclosures are made from are any aluminum-based materials.

Is it cheaper to build my own simple pool deck or have someone build it for me?

Absolutely! If you are familar with building then all you have to do is buy the lumber and materials. You will not have to pay labor if you hire a professional.

What is the material that pool tiles are made of?

There are different materials that pool tiles can be made of. Usually the pool tiles are made of Porcelain. However, other materials seem to be: Glass, Pebble, Stone and Slate.

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