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You can get seasonal food items, by going to plmpy's place and sometimes she gives you hints of special foods for the season! That's all BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: Where can you find seasonal food items on webkinz?
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What kinda stuff do you get when you adopt a webkinz from Walgreens?

When you adopt a webkinz fro wallgreens you get the same things you would get from anywhere else that youcan buy a webkinz. (Exclusive items, special food, etc.)

How do you get pineapple in Webkinz?

you go to the store on webkinz and go to the food asile and keep clicking the arrow until you find it

What is a secret recipe on webkinz?

A secret recipe is something on Webkinz that uses three different food items from the W-Shop. If you want a lot of recipes, visit They are free and they tell you much more about Webkinz things.

What do you trade on Webkinz?

Personally I trade rare clothing, rare food and exclusive items. That's what people like.

How do you feed Webkinz?

Drag webkinz food to the picture of the animal on the dock, or drag food to webkinz avatar in the room.

Can Webkinz food spoil?


If you buy a webkinz pet at the estore will you still get an exclusive item with it and I don't mean the pet specific item I mean like a superbed if it's your tenth webkinz?

Acually each webkinz, whether it`s from a real store or the estore, has exlusive custom items with it and an exclivive food. AND EVERY KINZ OF WEBKINZ GIVES SUPER BEDS ON 10TH, 15, 20TH, ETC!!!

Where can you get food in Webkinz?

The W-Shop.

How can you get inspiration for Christmas food baskets?

If you're looking to find inspiration for Christmas food baskets, navigate to luxury truffle products (because they always come in boxes), but also foie gras, drinks and seasonal offers. Those items will often come in baskets during Christmas which makes it easy to find inspiration but also your own niche.

What is the webkinz recipe for the sparkle top?

food rare food

How do animals adapt to seasonal change?

Animals have different sense organs which they use to different seasonal change. To adapt animals migrate to areas they can find food. Animals also hibernate by storing extra food which may serve them during the dry season.

How do you find out your pets favorite food on webkinz?

Your pet's favorite food would be its signature food. In other words, it would be its rare, exclusive food. Go to the W Shop. You'll know it when you see it.