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almost any black hair magazine at hair stores, but i just use a needle with thick thread! Step 1

Wash and dry your own hair. This is to rid the hair of oils and products that will cause build-up and it also helps the style last longer.

Step 2

Start with braids like these and end up with a full head weave. Braid hair horizontally around the head in cornrows adding extension hair for thickness and durability. If you want a full-head weave you braid all of the hair however if you just want a partial weave for thickness then clip or bobby pin an inch of hair out in the front. This will be used to cover any tracks later. If you have very thin hair it is recommended that you add as much bulk to your own hair as possible but still keep the braids flat to the scalp. This will make it easier to sew-in the wefts and give a more natural illusion.

Step 3

Depending on the style that you want to wear, the hair will be sewn-in accordingly. For example, if you want bangs the wefts have to be applied in a circular motion around the head. While some can do this alone it will be better to have someone assist at this point so the hair is even all around.

Step 4

There are so many textures available so don't be afraid to be bold. Thread the needle as you would a regular sewing needle and fasten the end with a knot. The weft is now also threaded at the very end of the track and then sewn through the braid as you would a button on a shirt. This can be continued around the whole head and make sure it's tight but not too tight. The amount of tracks depends solely on how thick you want the hair to fall.

Step 5

Once all the hair has been sewn in, check for any spots that may seem empty or bald-like. Nothing is worse than being able to see right through the hair. Sew-in additional hair in these areas. If you have a partial weave then comb hair that was left out and push back over tracks for a natural look.

Step 6

Now that it's completely in, style accordingly. You may want to see a professional so that they can customize the cut to your individual face shape and features.

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Q: Where can you find step-by-step instructions on how to sew in hair extensions?
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