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Where can you find the fuel filter in a 91 Mazda Protege?


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this filter is right behind the motor on the firewall wich it sits in a filter holder


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I have a 2000 Mazda protege. My fuel filter is in the gas tank and is not something you can replace. John B.

what has to be removed to get to fuel filter

The only fuel filter in a 2002 Protege is in the fuel pump, which is in the gas tank. The filter is designed to last the life of the pump.

Where exactly it the fuel filter located on my 1996 Mazda protege 1.5 motor.

It is located in the fuel tank itself.

I was told the fuel filter is located in the fuel pump which is located in the fuel tank.

The only fuel filter on the 1999 Protege is a "sock" on the fuel pump pickup tube inside the gas tank. The sock can't be replaced seperately from Mazda, you have to replace the fuel pump which does not include the sending unit.

filter is inside the gas tank and not designed to be replaced.

You will need to drop the fuel tank and get close to fuel pump. Its a 100k mile part, based on Mazda

The Fuel filter is located on the firewall, next to the brake master cylinder and right behind and below the carb.

From the look of things theis car does not have a fuel filter. The only filter that has to do with the fuel seems to be in the fuel tank. A 2001 Mazda Protege (actually, all models from 1999-2003 including the DX, LX, ES, Mazdaspeed, and Protege 5) does not have an inline fuel filter. The only fuel filter it has is a "strainer" or a "screen", which looks like a nylon mesh "sock". This strainer is connected to the fuel pump, located in the gas tank. Although this fuel strainer does not require periodic replacement, it is recommended that it be changed if you are replacing the fuel pump.

From what i understand its built in to the fuel tank and pump, should be replaced around 100k miles

Fuel filter is located in left rear (firewall) corner of engine compartment. check near the brake booster/master cylinder.

take out the flywheel and replace it with four banana peels, if this doesn't work take out the transmission and replace the fuel filter with a carton of milk.

The Mazda Protege fuel reset button can be found on the firewall in the engine compartment. The reset button will be in the middle of the firewall.

po 170 fuel trim malfunction bank 1for 1996 Mazda protege

location of fuel filter mazda 121

The Mazda 323 fuel filter is located in the fuel tank. The fuel tank will need to be drained in order to change the fuel filter.

where is a fuel filter on a Mazda Proceed located and how to you replace it?

Mounted to the passenger side wheel well.In the engine compartment. If you have to follow the fuel lines back from the fuel regulator. tom_dee123 at

I have a 99, and it has no fuel filter. In fact i took it to a garage to have it replaced before i found out, and the mechanic actually told me he replaced it until he realized my husband knew it didn't have one.

Contaminated fuel (water) or a dirty fuel filter could be possibilities.

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