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If its a late model astra, the fuel filter is on the fuel tank. The whole fuel tank has to be removed to access it. Its on the nearside(left) under the sill in the middle of the car , you do not need to drop the fuel tank!!! changed one the other day!!

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78 Mustang 302 Fuel Filter One end is threaded other is for 5 16 fuel line What is the direction of fuel flow for this filter Using this filter in a universal application?

Threaded end goes to carburetor. Fuel flows into 5/16" hose fitting and out threaded end.

What is the fuel consumption of a Vauxhall Astra?

I have a Astra F '97 1.4 litre DOHC 16 valve engine Average 6.5 to 8.5L/100km or 33 to 43 MPG (imperial)

What tool are needed to change fuel filter on a 1995 Chevy astro van?

You can change your fuel filter with a 9/16 socket, a flat head screwdriver, and a Phillips head screwdriver. The fuel filter is located inside of the gas tank.

Where is the fuel filter for a Renault 16 16v megane dynamic?

underneath your seat.

Where is the fuel filter on a 74 corvette?

It is actually located in the carburator. Find the fuel line going to the carb. Where it attaches to the carb you have a small (Probably 9/16) fitting that screws into a larger fitting. The filter is behind the larger fitting. It is about the size of your thumb and has a small spring with it.

Where is fuel filter located on a Plymouth Colt?

the filter is located in the fuel line under the car looks like a canister a special tool is needed to remove the fuel lines from the filter there is another smaller filter located on the cArberator or on the end of the fuel injection rale on my 89 it is on the passenger side of the firewall. it has a 5/8 bolt and a 9/16 bolt holing it on to the line.

How do you replace the fuel filter on a 1999 Ford Ranger?

1. Get proper replacement filter. 2. Wear protective eyewear. 3. Release excess fuel line pressure. 4. Remove clips from each end of filter. 5. Use a 5\16 inch INLINE FILTER TOOL to release filter from fuel line. 6. New filter is inserted into each line with respect to fuel flow. (No tools required to insert new filter. It just pops in.) 7. Cleanup. Your done.

Where is fuel filter on a 1997 Dodge 2500 360 My gas mileage went for 16 MPG to less than 5 changed plugs but need to try filter also?

The fuel filter is mounted in the fuel pump module on top of the fuel tank. It is considered a lifetime filter and is only changed when the pump is replaced. If you are getting 5 mpg, you have a serious problem somewhere but it is not the fuel filter. Check all your exhaust system for a bent pipe. You may also have a clogged converter. Change you air filter, and clean the throttle body.

Where is the fuel filter on a 1988 trans am Grand Theft Auto 5.7 engine?

1988 GTA fuel filter is on the driver side near back tire towards the driveshaft, a 5/8 and a13/16 are needed for the filter ends and a10 mm for the housing......

Where is the fuel filter on a 2004 Ford BA Falcon?

under the car next to fuel tank. you will need the proper fuel filter removing tool to change the filter. I just changed mine last week. Only needed 2 spanners, think it was 19 and 16 mm. Just make certaion that you put the filter in the right way, there are direction of flow arrows on it.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1995 Ford Contour?

The fuel filter for a Ford Contour 4 cyl (Zetec 16 V) is located on the passenger side, in front of the rear tire. It's small and is attached by a metal band. See "Related Questions" below for more details on replacing the fuel filter - the procedures are the same.

Fuel filter location for a 2001 Chevrolet 4x4 S10?

it is on the drivers side fram rail it has 11/16 on the filter side and 5/8 on the fule line

Fuel filter location on 1994 Lincoln mark 8?

The fuel filter is located in the right front wheel well. It is behind the plastic splash shield. The R/F wheel must be removed, then the plastic splash shield must be removed and then you will find the filter located at the rear area of the wheel well. It is held in place by one 5/16 bolt and the two FORD QUICK CONNECT clips that hold the fuel line into and out of the filter. Do this replacement when the car is cold and prior to removing the filter find the schraeder valve in the fuel rail, on the drivers side near the drivers side front close to the fuel injector. Remove the cap and press the pin in the valve so as to release the fuel pressure, replace the cap at this time as you should not need to ccess the valve again.

Where is the fuel filter on a 2003 Cadillac CTS?

i have a 2005 and the filter is located on the driver side at the top of the engine, it takes a socket and extension to the the top off the filter canister, so u can get the filter out, if i remember correctly it is a 15/16 socket.

Www vauxhall astra enjoy 1.4 16 valve?

Hi! 2004 astra 1.4 16 valve enjoy model is an egr valve fitted to this model? (enjoy) thanks

1994 suburban fuel filter replacement?

Check under driverside of truck, fuel filter located along frame use 1/2 inch or 9/16 open end wrenches to remove from gas line, be careful of excess gas coming from filter and gas lines

How do you replace the fuel filter on a 1992 Chevy s-10 pickup?

My 92 S-10 fuel filter is on the frame of the truck somewhere about the middle on the drivers side. The filter has a clamp on it holding it to the frame and the inlet and outlet lines are flare connections. I think they were either 5/8 or 9/16.

How do you get into the fuel tank to clean the fuel filter?

the fuel filter is not in the gas tank. on most cars, it is on either to see how yours look. you cant clean them yourself. buy a new one for no more than $16 and you can change it yourself. all you need is a 5/8 ranch and a pair of plyers

Why does your car jerk when going on the road?

Idiot 16 year old drivers who don't know what they are doingAdded:It also could be a problem with the fuel injection or fuel filter not letting enough fuel in the chamber for the combustion process.

What is the size of this filter?

The 3M Micro Allergen Filter is 16 in x 16 in x 1 in.

What would cause the fuel pump to pump fuel but the injectors not fire on a 1988 Saab 900S?

The obvious place to start is the fuel filter. Is it clogged? I presume this car has a 2.0-liter, 16-valve engine. A Saab 900 16-valve shop manual will provide a list of possible causes and their solutions.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 2003 BMW 745 LI?

The fuel filter on a BMW e65 745 is located on the drivers side, right under the front drivers seat. Just take off the panel, (4) 10mm plastic nuts and about (16) 8mm screws. Once you have the panel down, you'll see the filter. REMEMBER the filter is under pressure and when you remove the hose it will spray fuel! Who ever answered that it's under the passanger side is 100% wrong!

Where is the fuel filter on a 1988 EA Ford Falcon?

The Fuel filter on Ford EA falcon is on the fuel line which runs along- (just under) the passenger side of the car. If you look up and forward after crawling under the car at the front passenger side door you should see the filter as a small gold-coloured cylinder about the size of a regular vegemite jar. They cost about $16 Australian from Auto-spares shops.

Where is the fuel filter located on a '94 Suzuki Sidekick?

above left side rear axle,small black canister about the size of 16 oz can

What crosses with a amsoil eabp100 bipass filter?

The EaBP100 mounts using a 1"-16 (16 threads per inch) stud. Using this information , you can cross at filter manufacturers websites , such as Baldwin and Donaldson. You probably will be unable to find a filter that filters as finely as the EaBP100 , but you should be able to find filters of all kinds of different sizes that will fit. You may be able to find another bypass type filter also. The primary use of the similar filters is usually listed.