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(See the Related link to the Ministry of Education Albania.)

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Albania became the ateist state

Umm Albania is a country

Yes, there are Muslims in Albania. They form the majority of the population. However, Albania is a Secular State as opposed to an Islamic State. 70% of Albania population are Muslims (accounting for around 2.5 million)

Albania isn't a Muslim state, it's mostly Christian and Catholic. If your trying to find a Muslim state your looking for TurkeyAlbanian roots are Catholics and Orthodox Majority of Christians in the North of Albania and in the south of Albania. These tribes kept Islam at bay, From the Ottomans, who tried to penetrate all Albania. These Christian Tribes fought For 500 years Against the Ottomans until 1911 A.D when The Turks were over powered and left.Christianity came to Arber Illyria in the year 10 to 15 A.D witch is today Albania. Albania is EuropeanAnd it can not be a Muslim Country or State.

Come Home Alive - 2003 State of Emergency Albania was released on: USA: 2003

No state has an 'official' god. There may be an official state religion. In the case of Egypt the official religion is Islam.

The Czechs did, Albania, and Bulguria did as well.

Maryland is slightly larger.

Oregon. It is one of the only two states that has an Official State nut. Alabama's Official State nut is the Pecan. -Official State

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The official state of Alaska is Junea.

Lauren M. E. Goodlad has written: 'Victorian literature and the Victorian state' -- subject(s): History, History and criticism, Liberalism, Liberalism in literature, Literature and society, Literature and state, Politics and government, Politics and literature, Social problems in literature, State, The, in literature 'Goth'

* The Gray Squirrel is the official wild animal game species. * The Thoroughbred is the official state horse. * The Kentucky spotted bass is the official state fish. * The Viceroy is the official state butterfly and * The Cardinal is the official state bird. All are animals however there is no official state animal in Kentucky.

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Such an example could be the nation of Albania. Albania is a nation state with about 99% of citizens being Albanian. A nation state is a political entity associated with an ethnic entity, for example Albania's ethnicity would be Albanian.

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Why Turkey is a secular state with no official state religion?

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