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Coastline of Northern France

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How did toms uncle find out about the Royal Nonesuch?

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Can you find out the names of people who where were rescued and who died at Dunkirk?

There were about 335,000 British troops, and about 50,000 French troops rescued at Dunkirk. Do you want that in alphabetical order, or by rank and unit? Thousands died in the fighting that ended with the withdrawal at Dunkirk.

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What was the rescue at Dunkirk?

The British Expeditionary Forces were assisting France in defense against the invasion by Germany. The situation became hopeless and the BEF tried to find a way to escape back to England. They withdrew to Dunkirk and asked England to send ships to pull them out. England sent as many military vessels and that was not enough. So civilian fishermen and boaters crossed the Channel to bring them back. General Harold R. L. G. Alexander was sent to Dunkirk to lead the evacuation. Before this, he had effected the pull-out of Burma. He did such a good job of preventing un-necessary losses, that he was knighted and promoted to command all the Allied forces in the Mediterranean.

Where can you find information on the sinking of ss abukir by a German mtb on 28th may 1940?

On the evening of 28th May 1940, the SS Abukir set sail from Ostend during the Dunkirk Evacuation. On board were Army personnel and civilians fleeing the beaches and heading for Dover. The Abukir was torpedeod by a German Motor topedeo boat and sunk off the Fresian Islands.

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How were the soldiers rescued from Dunkirk beach?

By ANY boats they could find They even used tiny fishing boats

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From what part of France were British military forces evacuated during World War 2?

Dunkirk or if you are trying to find it on a map Dunquerque

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