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You can get tickets at www.carowinds.com and they are pretty cheap. Just go to the top of the page and click on the place where it says Group Sales.
However, if you live close by and think you would go often, the cheaper thing to do might be to buy a season pass. Go to the website and at the top of the screen you will see a tab that says Season Pass. The season pass enables you to enter the park for the duration of the season and includes benefits such as free parking and Scarowind's Halloween Haunt in the fall.

Carowinds VIP Passes for 2011:

Gold Season Pass: 4 or MORE; Ages 3-61, 48 inches or taller price: $84.99 (Four or more passes must be purchased in order to receive this special price) Includes free parking and admission to Scarowind's Halloween Haunt.

Gold Season Pass Regular: Ages 3-61, 48 inches or taller price: $94.99.
Includes free parking and admission to Scarowind's Halloween Haunt.

Gold Season Pass Junior/Senior: Ages 3 & up under 48" or ages 62 and older. $71.99 Includes free parking and admission to Scarowind's Halloween Haunt.

Platinum Pass Regular- Ages 3 - 61, 48 inches or taller Price: $165.00. Entitles bearer to admission to Carowinds as well as any Cedar Fair Amusement or Outdoor Water Park. Also, includes Parking and admission to Scaorwind's Halloween Haunt.

Platinum Pass Junior/Senior- Ages 3 & up, under 48 inches/Ages 62+ Price: $92.00. Entitles bearer to admission to Carowinds as well as any Cedar Fair Amusement or Outdoor Water Park. Also, includes Parking and admission to Scaorwind's Halloween Haunt.

Silver Season Pass: Ages 3 & Up. Price: $67.99. (**Does not include parking, or Scarowind's Halloween Haunt Benefits)
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What is Carowinds?

Carowinds is a fun amusment park on the North and South Carolina border. Around Halloween, they have Scarowinds which I only recommend ages 11 and up to go because it is scary.. Here are some all time favorite rides. Afterburn- This Thrill Ride is located in South Carolina and is the tallest in t ( Full Answer )

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Why did Carowinds change the name on so many of their rides?

Since Paramount sold the park to Cedar Fair, Cedar Fair decided to change the names of certaint things. Also, because of Copyright Laws . Since Paramount owned the rights to the movie "Top Gun", Cedar Fair had to change that name since they didn't own the rights . And the same deal ( Full Answer )

Was step by step filmed at Carowinds?

No. The introduction for the sitcom Step by Step was filmed at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California not at Carowinds. The roller-coaster you see is Colossus. This may seem confusing because the lake and beach in the opening sequence were edited in to make it seem like it was set on the s ( Full Answer )

What are facts about Carowinds?

Carowinds was built with the intention of bringing North and South Carolina closer together. It has 64 rides total which include 13 Roller-Coasters and 13 water rides and is also the home to the Peanut characters. In the year 2000, Carowinds started their now annual Halloween attraction known as 'Sc ( Full Answer )

How did carowinds get its name?

The word Carowinds is a cross between "Carolina" and "winds." "Carolina" means the Carolinas, and "winds" is for the winds that blew across the states.

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What is a good beginner ride in Carowinds?

the Woodstock express should be a good one to start out on but afterwords you should definitely ride the Flying Ace Ariel Chase. it is easy and alot of fun !

How much does it cost to go to carowinds?

If you are looking for a single day ticket, the price for a regular 2011 ticket is $41.99. The price for a Junior/Senior single day ticket is $24.99. The Twilight tickets (which are only valid after 4:00pm) are $22.99. Please use the related link and check out the pricing guides on the Carowinds w ( Full Answer )

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Is the intimidator at carowinds fun?

The Intimidator is amazing! A large drop, great airtime, and a perfect layout! It's not scary at all, it's actually my favorite B&M Hyper coaster! 10/10, love it!

What do you do if you lost your carowinds seasons pass?

It's happened to me before! They gave me 2 or 3 chances to bring it next visit. On those chances, they let me get in for free with a reciept they gave to me. On my last chance I forgot to bring my pass. So, they charged me about $15-$20 to get in. And even though it's stupid, I didn't bring it AGAIN ( Full Answer )

How much are the season pass for carowinds?

Silver passes - About $65 each, NO benefits, free parking, or admission to Scarowinds. Gold passes- About $80 each, WITH benefits, free parking, and admission to Scarowinds. Platinum- About $165 each, WITH benefits, free parking, admission to Scarowinds. (You may also use this pass for any other Ced ( Full Answer )

How many minutes away is Carowinds?

This will all depend on your starting location. Please see the related link and you can type in your address and follow the directions given to you by the park.

Is Intimidator at Carowinds scary?

If you don't like Rollar Coasters, this probably won't be the ride for you, but if you adore/like Rollar Coasters, get on it. You will regret it if you don't! -Soon 2 be Police Officer :D

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How many people work at carowinds?

According to the website, Carowinds employs over 2,500 seasonal associates each year. For more information, please see the related link.

Is carowinds fun?

Yes! It is very fun! They have a different type of roller-coaster for everyone! If you like roller-coasters and Snoopy, this is the place to go. They also have a few water-slides. They are very fun and not that scary.

Does Carowinds allow you to have parties there?

Sorry to say, no. But you can rent the park for a day if you talk to them about it and pay A LOT OF CASH. :) $ But of course, since it is a family park, you can still celebrate by going, and eat some food from there, (the following applies for Birthday parties) and sing Happy Birthday. But you canno ( Full Answer )

How much does a two day pass cost at carowinds?

It is for ages 3-61 and 48" or taller in shoes and allows you the flexibility of visiting any two operating days of the 2011 season. Visits must be made by the same individual. The only restriction is that it is not valid for Scarowind's Halloween Haunt. The price will be $56.99 per person if you ar ( Full Answer )

What region is carowinds in?

Carowinds is located adjacent to Interstate 77 on the state line between North and South Carolina, in Charlotte and Fort Mill.

Is carowinds new ride the intimidator dangerous?

Not at all. They tested it hundreds of times before it was open to the public, and professionals walk through the ride every day to check. During the winter they take apart the coaster cars and replace all parts with wear and tear. also, there is no danger of your lap bar comin up because they are l ( Full Answer )

How do you do coupons?

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When does Carowinds open for the public?

Carowinds operating season is from late March/beginning of April until late October. Please refer to their website as the exact dates change each year.

Are animals allowed at carowinds?

Carowinds amusement park does not allow pets to be on the facilities. The only exception is for service animals. However, Carowinds does provide special kennel accommodations just during park operating hours. They will accept animals such as dogs if they are under control. Additionally, birds and fe ( Full Answer )

Is the Intimidator at Carowinds scary?

This definitely depends on the rider. The Intimidator is the longest steel roller coaster in the Southeastern United States and reaches a maximum height of 232 feet and hits a top speed of 80mph.

How much does a child's ticket for Carowinds cost?

If you are looking for the cost of a single day admission for a child aged 3+ and under 48" tall in shoes, the front gate price will be $25.99. You may be able to purchase the ticket online earlier making the price $24.99. This entitles the bearer of the ticket one day valid entrance during the 20 ( Full Answer )

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There are many websites that offers coupons for online shoppers. Ifanyone looking for groceries coupons then EzCouponSearch.com is thebest source. One of the oldest website with updated offers. You can also try CouponLocate.com

How long has Carowinds been around?

If anyone is wondering how long Carowinds has been around they would be interested to know that it's been operating since March 31st, 1973. It was opened by a man named Earl Patterson Hall.

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