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Club Penguin membership cards are available at stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us, Disney Stores, or any place that sells gift cards. and one time i saw one at game stop

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Where should you get Club Penguin membership cards?

You should get Club Penguin membership cards at Target.

Do they have membership cards at walmart for club penguin?

Yes, you can buy club penguin membership cards at Wal-Mart.

What store sells club penguin membership cards?

they dont sell club penguin membership, you have to PAY for membership and its not free.

Club Penguin gifts cards?

club penguin does have gift cards that will give you a chosen membership plan!

Can you buy club penguin membership cards in rochdale asda?

club penguin membership cards are available in toys "r" us or sainsburys UK

Is there club penguin membership cards in the Philippines?

The Philipines, that's kind of trickey. No! There are no Club Penguin Membership cards in the Philippines, only the United Kingdom and USA!

Where is club penguin membership cards?

You can get them at wallmart, CVS

Can you used a gift 4 all card for a membership on club penguin?

no but you can go to the store and buy a club penguin membership card and use that for a membership P.S. the cards are with the gift cards in the store

Where can you buy Club Penguin membership cards in the UAE?

I am sure you can't buy any Club Penguin Membership Cards in the UAE. But I'm sure you can pay online or by phone.

What is a membership card in Club Penguin?

Membership cards on Club Penguin are cards that you need to buy, but then earn you exclusive acess. This acess includes getting into exclusive parties and buying more things. I think that it is a good idea to get a membership IF you use club penguin alot.

Do tesco sell club penguin membership cards?

doubt it but check the club penguin website for information

Can club penguin membership cards get mailed?

they can be delived but not mailed

Do club penguin membership cards expire?

yes membership on club penguin does expire club penguin membership is double so say you wanna do one month of membership you would get two months so that's probably why its so expensive.

Why cant you use debit card on club penguin membership?

It is because debit cards are for minors and Club penguin needs an adult to pay for the membership.

Can you reuse your club penguin membership card again?

no you can not you have to go to somewhere that has club penguin cards and buy another on

Where can you buy membership cards for club penguin?

in target, cvs, walmart, kmart, and a club penguin or disney store

Club Penguin members?

they are club penguin membershttp://www.clubpenguin.com/membership/ - go on that website 2 get yr penguin as a memberyou can get membership cards only in the UK and USA

Do you have to pay monthly for Club Penguin membership cards?

You must pay Before getting your membership cards , the fee is not monthly .

Where can you get free membership cards of club penguin in Abu Dhabi?

Hmm, in Abu Dhabi you might get it in Abu Dhabi Mall. The new mall has the club penguin membership cards so luckily you can buy there!

Where can you buy member ship cards club penguin?

You can buy club penguin membership cards for either 1 month or 6 months in WH Smiths.

Would Wal Mart in Toronto have the Club penguin membership card?

Yup member cards for club penguin everywhere why wouldn't they have it

How do you earn more ninja cards in club penguin?

You either have to have a code or a membership.

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