H2O: Just Add Water (TV Series)

Where can you get a H2O just add water locket not from silver art cos they dont look the same?


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yes!! (i just answered this question a lot today so i feel very happy about telling someone again) Here you go: www.sterlingsilverart.com JUST REMEMBER IT IS THE ONE THAT STARTS AT $100!!! NOT THOSE OTHER CHEAP ONES... you can pick your gem color too (if you want one of theirs these are the gems you should choose)

Rikki: Red Garnet

Cleo: Amethyst

Emma: Mother pearl

Questions? email at coldra101@gmail.com

and it is the same dude... i thought the same until i scrolled through all the mermaid necklaces... i will prove it: http://images.fanpop.com/images/image_uploads/rikki-h2o-just-add-water-471677_426_500.jpg

copy and paste that into the URL and look at her necklace....