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Q: Where can you get a butterfly knive styled pen in Australia?
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Can you buy a butterfly knife styled pen in Australia and if so where from?

Yes, north Melborne

Where can you find a butterfly pen in the UK?

I'm assuming you mean pens with butterfly's on them, here are some links to where you can buy them from -

How do you obtain legally a butterfly knife in the UK?

you cant but try hennie haynes for the pen

Why would a pen pal in Australia might not understand something you write about the big dipper?

The Big Dipper is only visible in some parts of northern Australia, at certain times. A pen pal in Australia would have about as much understanding of the Big Dipper as a pen pal in North America might have of the Southern Cross.

What is the size of a butterfly brain?

The best way to tell you the size of a butterfly brain is to compare it to something instead of giving an actual measurement. Their brain is roughly same size as the point of a ball point pen.

How much is 2 soles worth in Australia?

2 PEN is worth about 75 cents in Australia. Bear in mind currency values fluctuate constantly.

What are the online games for the Nintendo 3ds?

Most games, you can play by tapping with the pen. For example in games like tic-tac-toe, connect4, battleship, sudoku, minesweeper and sokoban. there are also a few arcade styled games like breakout, pong or tetris that are played with the pen or the direction pad. I have found these games on,, and

Who composed advanced Australia fair?

Peter Dodds McCormick, a Scot, composed 'Advance Australia Fair' under the pen-name 'Amicus' (amicus is the Latin word for 'friend').

What is the trick behind the pen riddle where someone holds a pen different ways and says 'if this is a pen and this is a pen and this is a pen' then is this a pen?

You have to LISTEN carefully. When they say ''If this is a pen, is this a pen", say yes. When they say "Is this a pen?", say no. Then they are going to ask, "But if this is a pen is this a pen?", then you say yes. The 'trick' is that you have to LISTEN carefully. 'If' is the key word.

When did Pen Pen TriIcelon happen?

Pen Pen TriIcelon happened in 1998.

How do you spell pen in German?

pen = Kugelschreiber pen = Kuli pen = Stift

What is the compound word for pen?

A compound word for pen is inkpen. A compound phrase for pen is ballpoint pen. Also pig pen.