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type in marlin model 80 on Google..its the same clip

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where can i get a magazine for a sears and roebuck j.c. higgins model 46 dl-10319840 22 cal. lever action rifle

Your local dealership is the best place to get a screw for the firing pin on a Sears model 42-103 19791-22cal sllr bolt action gun. Pawn shops often carry them too.

One place to check for a magazine for an older model .22 rifle is at a pawn shop that trades guns. Another would be neighborhood yard sales.

what year was sears roebuck model 61009 17 ft aluminum canoe manufactured

Sears Roebuck model 108.1501 appears to be a type of hacksaw according to the online Sears listings. There was no information regarding when this hacksaw made its debut.

A Marlin magazine. The model 25 is the same as a Marlin model 80.

Model 101.52772 is the Savage model 34,65,34M, or 65M So any magazine made for a Savage 34 or 65 should work. Here is an online store i found that has them. (Note: I have never purchased from this store and have no affiliation with them)

Wat is the value of 22 caliber sears and roebuck model 340530430 lever action rifle

According to Gun Tests magazine, March 2013 issue, The S R and Co. model 100 is worth about 199 to 350 depending on the condition of the gun.

It a J C Higgins Sears and roebuck 22cal simauto rifel, I paid about $100.00 in 1961.

Ms. MARIDA LINDBLOOM was the first model in hustler magazine.

Model Rocketry - magazine - was created in 1968.

Model Rocketry - magazine - ended in 1972.

sears,roebuck commander model 151.271 serial 16683 sewing machine. I need a price please

The model 80 uses a detachable magazine whereas the model 81 has an attached tube magazine.

Yes, you can remove the barrel of a model 66 Shotgun!

It is model # A302688 made in the 1950ies

The Sears & Roebuck hack saw, model number 108.1501, was built in the nineteen forties. They can be found on Vintage Machinery's website. There are pictures of different vintage tools.