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You can get a diagram for a 1983 Toyota truck 22R engine at various auto part stores. You can also check in the owner's manual.


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You can find the vacuum line diagram for the 1983 Toyota Corolla in most Chilton's manuals for that model and year of vehicle. You can also find this diagram at many auto repair shops or libraries.

The fuel pump on a 1983 Toyota Tercel is located inside the fuel tank. It sucks fuel from the tank and pushed to the engine.

Look at the lower end of engine

Standing in the front of the engine, It will be on the back bottom left side of the engine. You will have to lay under the engine to see it.

It is important to use the right type of oil in a vehicle. The 1983 Toyota Celica GT uses 10w-30 engine oil to run smoothly.

Advertised Horsepower is : 155 HP @ 4000 RPMs.

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The toughest,most durable,longest lasting trucks made,are the 1983-1993 Toyota Pickup 4x4s.

It is behind the engine near the firewall and to the right of the air filter

A free fuse box diagram for this car can be found in the cars owners manual. One can also be found on inside the cover of the fuse box, at no charge.

A diagram of the wiring systems in a car can be used as a guide. A wiring diagram for the 1983 Ford can be found in its maintenance manual.

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If its manuel fuel filter it should be right where you open the hood you should be abke to see it and if its electric it should be by the bed underneath I forgot what side but by the chassis and the bed of the truck.

Under the truck, passenger side, below the bed area, rear frame rail, mounted in fuel line.

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The fuel pump relay is located on the left cowl side of engine compartment.

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