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Aside from luxury and sports car product lines, the Japan-based automaker Toyota Motor Corporation also offers sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and trucks. Some of the SUVs and trucks produced by Toyota are the Tundra, the RAV4 and the FJ Cruiser.

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How do you treat a burn with a first aid kit?

With any first aid situation, assess the scene make sure it is safe. Then start the primary survey as follows...





Firstly, run the burn under cool water for 15 minutes. Do not put ice on it, for it may cause tissue damage.

In the first aid kit, (or some of them anyways) you will find dressing specifically for burns. Never use gauze, or toilet paper. This will stick to the burn. You may want to wet the bandages or dressings before applying. Apply securely on the burn, call for medical help.
Put a very cold ice bag or cold cloth over the burn(s) and have the person rest for a few hours. Put some Aquaphor (petroleum jelly) AROUND the wound to soothe it.

Alternate Advice (A little gruesome for the squeamish, but it's a gruesome topic...if easily upset stop reading NOW.)

Use COOL sterile water, not ice bags, to gently flush the burn, to literally bring the temperature of the burned area down so the physical burning stops. Just like a steak will continue to cook from residual heat when taken off a BBQ grill, so will your flesh if the burn is from heat such as a flame. Then LIGHTLY put sterile dressing gently over the burn, to help shield the burn area from air flow, which can causes additional pain. In extreme cases you might pour some sterilized water over the sterile dressing for partial temporary pain release (to some minor degree. ) Seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Do NOT use "a very cold" ice bag: You can actually cause MORE damage to the area by 'freezing' it, and accidently causing frostbite on top of your burn.

Keep all additives such as petroleum jelly or butter away from the burnt area. In the case of a severe burn, hospital personnel will have to remove any foreign matter from the burn area to help prevent infection. If you have put petroleum jelly (or butter!) onto the burnt area, this may cause much additional pain as the medical professionals later need to scrub the area to remove the ointments! This is also why you only lightly cover the burn area...putting a tight bandage on will only increase the pain when medical professionals have to remove it to further render treatment.

Note medical advice has changed in this matter over the years. When growing up in the 50's I had a red cross first aid book that recommended putting butter directly on a burn area to "sooth" it. By the 70's when i attended multiple first aid training classes, the newer releases of the same red cross first aid book strongly advised AGAINST putting any ointment (petroleum jelly, butter, other) on a burn.

If your burn is just reddening or minor blisters, you may be ok treating it yourself. If you have broken blisters or actually burnt skin, you really need to seek professional treatment as quickly as possible!

I have put this advice to personal use: I suffered small surface 2nd degree burns on my hands while winter camping in the middle of Nevada desert when a lit stove fell and by instinct I reached out to grab it. (Not the best of instinctive reactions!)(I was in the Humboldt Sink, hours from Fallon and the nearest hospital.) Following the advice listed above got me through the process without any downstream complications...I was lucky, but I also knew enough NOT to use "ice" or "salves", and to only loosely cover the area and not tightly bandage it. Admittedly my burns were 2nd degree on only a few square inches of skin on 3 fingers. (It still hurt like hell.)

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Toyota lucida head torque?

64 n/m + 90 degrees + 90 degrees

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How do you replace the alternator on a 1990 Nissan pick up?

The first thing you will need is about 4 arms and a whole lot of patience. Before you begin, check the location of the voltage regulator socket on the replacement and the original. Some replacements may have the plug socket on the 'other' side of the alternator - as mine did. I had to really stretch the harness to make it fit! I was lucky that I could get it together as I have 'just' enough extra wire to reach. Pull up on ramps to gain access under the front bumper. Remove, what we affectionately call, the "tool tray" (the brush guard under the engine to gain access to the belts. Loosen the alternator pivot and tuning screws. Remove the belt from the alternator. (Note: If you need to replace the belt, you will have to remove all of the belts because it is naturally the one in the back.) Remove the pivot screws (fore and aft) however you can get to them. Once the alternator is free from its mounting bracket, (this is where you can use the extra arms), remove the electrical leads from the back of the case. You may need to remove the wire harness from the clips just inside the left wheelwell (look from the top under the hood) to gain some extra working room. It isn't easy pulling the alternator through everything you have to get past, but with a little patience and persuation, it will fall into your hands (or on your face, if you're not careful). Reverse the process to install the new alternator. I recommend tightening the front pivot screw before trying to find the rear one. Hope that helps!

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How do you replace the head gasket located on a 1990 Toyota truck?

This is a fairly easy engine to replace the head gasket on, but it's very very important to make sure the surfaces are both clean and flat! 2 things you really need to invest in are a decent torque wrench (sears/crafstman has a good one for a decent price) and a haynes manual. There's a very informative writeup in the haynes.

It depends which engine the truck has. If it is the 4cyl. it is a several hour job, if it is a 6 cyl. it is twice as long, major work. No way to describe it here.

Replacing the head gasket on any vehicle is a long and complicated process, however if you wish to see basic step-by-step instructions go to the related question on the right side of the page "How do you replace a head gasket?"

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Where is the fuse located for the air conditioner in a 1987 Toyota extended cab?

In my experience it is either the fuse in the fuse box or a fusable link either of which is easily explained in a Haynes Repair Manual or your vehicle's Owner's Manual. They hide this one, and nobody knows why. Believe it or not, it's just to the right, of the controls that adjust the temp, fan speed, ect. Remove the glove box, and look in the area, next to the control assy. Now you know the secret location.

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Where is the fuel filter located on a 1984 Toyota truck?

I remember changing that out about 10 years ago. It's not where you would think. It's to the back of the truck, to the right of the tank. If I remember right, you should see the filter clipped to the upper part of the inside of the right wheel well, or to the right side of the frame to the right of the fuel tank. follow the fuel line to the right of the tank to track it down. It will be mounted on a U-shaped clamp and you will have to unhook (and probably replace) the hose clamps that secure it to the fuel lines.

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Where is the fuel filter located on a 1988 Toyota truck?

from 20r & 22r RE who cares same thingdifferents for 20r's 22r's not muching its just the dual chain and single dual is pop up pistons and single is flat top..................the answer for ur question is go 2 Napa, Auto Zone, Pep Boys, were ever parts place......get a fuel filter and just get a cheap 1 works the same and u might have to buy a small hose w/small claps less than 25bucks total and u wont have to break ur neck looking for those lines even if its EFI its not a car its u don't have to buy a intank fuel pump.....the 22r 22re 22fi doesn't need that much PSI for the EFI like other vehicals u don't need goodluck it will work......if ur back glass or front windshield cracks 84-95 will fit BOTH front and rear........beds exrta cab and single cab beds will fit not like Mazada trucks or Nissan 4x4 or 2WD it doesn't matter..........84 and below Celica is the same motor trans will fit too 84 supra the trans only will fit.....V6 Toyota Trucks 4.56 ratio 4x4 or not...V6 AT 4.88ratio.....4x4 4cyl 4.10-4.11 ratio.....dual rear 4.38ratio..(84-95 4runners rear ends "ratio" will work too) for 5.29 and 5.71 I'm not telling have a good day and remember its not luck it will work remember if u have 2WD and u want 4x4 raito u need the whole axle its a 8.0 and the 2WD is 7.5..........I know its kinda too much info but I just love to help others and tell some small secerts here and there and since ur name is Mike well thank me later........671GUAM671...Michael671

Hey Mike==It is inline. Get under it and follow the fuel line from the tank to the engine and you will find it. GoodluckJOe

On my 88 Toyota truck, you reach over the front passenger wheel to access the fuel filter. It is tough to get at, but two bolts hold it on and it is locate up and back from the oil filter. .

Like he said, crawl underneath and follow the lines from the tank, it's located on the frame rail.....

This is correct, the fuel filter is bolted to the engine block my truck is EFI, the filter is hard to get to I had to go in between the fender well and upper A-frame to get to it. The bolts that hold to inlet and outlet lines are metric 17 and the two bolts that secure the filter to the block are metric 12.{ I GOT IT OFF , BUT ITS GOING TO BE HELL GETTING A NEW ONE BACK ON }


On my 1988 (22R engine, short wheelbase, 2 wheel drive model) it is located in front and above the fuel tank on the right hand side of the truck, the way I change mine (it is a messy job) is to lay under the truck on the passenger side and reach up past the filler hose and there is the filter.

On the righthand side of the block,just under the intake manifold and behind the starter. It's easy to get to if you remove the right front wheel and go in from the fenderwell.

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Can you add a turbocharger on your Toyota model 5k engine?

can you add a turbo charger to a Toyota cressida with a 7m- ge non turbo engine?

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Why would a 1985 Toyota pick-up still have no spark after the coil fuses battery and relay switch have been replaced?

Check out your igniter it's the silver box under your coil. I had one go bad on my 86 toyota. this is the most common problem that they have it will cost you about $300.00 new, or $100.00 at the yard. I agree that it is most likely the ignitor but instead of using the shot gun method and just going out and buying one there's a few things you can do. Start at the coil, take off one of the spark plug wires atach one end to the coil put a spark plug in the other while grounding the sparkplug check for spark(use rubber handled pliers to hold the wire (this will eliminate a bad wire. Second using a wire turn the ignition to the on position test for power to the coil(ground to block check both connectors one should be constant the other should light when engine turns over if one and not the other take ignitor to be tested it is probably toast. If neither check for power to the ignitor if there is none your problem is further back(probably a fusable link or a bad wire. I find that it is best to start at the problem and work backwards one step at a time, it takes a bit of time but at least you don't go changing a bunch of parts that are perfectly good. Hope it helps sorry about the extra coil,(keep it for a spare)you never no. Check the pickup coil in the distributer. There is a two wire plug at the distributer where you can measure resistance with an ohm meter. If the meter shows open, it's a bad pickup coil. It could be a bad igniter, but it's more likely to be the picup coil.

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Where do you add manual transmission fluid to a 1994 2 WD Toyota pickup?

I'm not real sure about the '92 model truck, but on my '98 tacoma there are 2 plugs directly on the transmission; one up high on one side and the other down low on the other side. I remove the lower plug to drain it and re-install it. After removing the higher plug I fill it with the recommended fluid until it begins to drain out of the upper hole. The transmission is only about half full when this occurs.

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Three vacuum lines have come loose on a 1990 Toyota standard pickup any diagrams out there?

i don't have a scanner to get the diagrams to you, but i do have a shop manual w/ all the diagrams you could need. maybe i can help you anyway, so where on the motor are these 3 vacuum lines?

AnswerShare this, as they are a rare find on the Internet. Believe it or not, and I have surfed this for years, has excellent wiring diagrams, and excellent vacuum hose routing diagrams. They also "walk you through it" in the articles produced on their site. Yours is easy, mine was for a complete vacuum diagram for a 1984 22R RN, and they had it. Something I could not find in any manual I ever looked in.
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Where is the oil dipstick located on an 89 Toyota Pickup 4x4 with a sealed powered platinum engine?


Or in the drivers seat.

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How do you shut off the Maintenance Required Light on a Toyota Camry 2006 2007 2008 2009?

How do you shut off the Maintenance Required Light Toyota Camry 2006 2007 2008 2009?

1. Put your key into the ignition and turn the key to the on position, next press the trip button to trip A, next turn the key off and remove

2. Put the key into the ignition and press the trip button in while holing it turn the key to the on position, you will see the maintenance required light and your odometer blink a few times then the trip light will shut off. And you are done.

For the 2009 Camry Hybrid the technique is similar.

1. Push the Power button.

2. Ensure that the odometer is set to Trip A.

3. Use the Power button to turn off the power.

4. Hold down the Odometer button.

5. Push the Power button twice in succession while holding down the Odometer button.

6. The display will tell you it's resetting the maintenance light and show that progress with a series of dashes. When all the dashes are filled in, it's reset.

7. Let go of the Odometer button and turn the car off. Done.

I don't know if the above worked for some people, but it sure did not for the 3 I tried. Here is the procedure that worked for me:

1.Turn the key to the on position(not to the "start position, don't start the car!)

2. Make sure the odometer is showing the actual mileage,not trip A or B.

3. Turn the key back to the off position,then press and hold the trip/reset

button.Continue to hold it down and turn the key to the on position.Continue

holding the trip/reset button while the mileage flashes rows of zeros until the

actual mileage appears again.Release the button. You should be good to go.

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Where is the starter located on a 1988 Toyota truck and what does it look like?

if ur gonna look for any starter on vehicals look for it on the trans ALWAYS between the trans and motor

AnswerWith the hood open, and looking at the front of the engine. Go to the left side of the engine and look as far down and to the back of the engine as possible. The starter is about 3 inches around, and 6 inches long. You will see one large wire and 2 smaller wires attached to it. It is mounted to the transmission housing with two bolts. The easiest way to get at it is from the underside. For safety reasons. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery before removing the starter. It hard to get at, but not hard to do yourself. A beginer should be able to remove and replace it under an hour. Good Luck! Hope it goes well. One other caution: wear something to protect your eyes from grease and dirt, that will fall on you as you remove, and reinstall it. P.S it's heavy for it's size. AnswerYou can take this one step further and replace the contacts inside the starter for under $10.00 instead of replacing the whole starter - this is easy enough for a beginner/do-it-yourselfer too because I proved it to myself.

Tip: Make sure you take the contacts to the Toyota dealer so they can match them up. I tried to do it with part numbers over the phone and only caused havoc. It's much easier if you take the contacts in and ask the parts dealer to match them up for you.

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Where is the pcv valve located on a 1992 Toyota Pickup 6-cylinder?

Under the intake plenum

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Fram oil filter 3614 fits what vehicle?

just bought one for my Toyota sr5 6 cyl 2005

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Where can you find a stereo wiring diagram for an '89 Toyota pick up?

Chilton or Haynes Auto repair manual, available at your local library. Its pretty straight forward, like most factory installs. If your adding an after market unit, you don't want to use factory speaker wiring. It's the minumin required, to power those cheap, paper speakers, installed at the factory. Same holds true, for the +12 volt pwr, going to the factory radio.

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How do you test the ignition coil on an '86 Toyota pickup 22re?

get a volt meter. turn it on. put one end on the +. the other end on the -. if you get a number greater than 12 with the car running then your golden.

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Where is the starter located on a '95 Toyota pickup?

Which engine? 4cyl or V-6, 4cyl is located back of engine, pass side, toward bottom of engine. V-6 is basically the same place but maybe a little harder to see, impossible to see from the top.

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Where is the flasher unit on a 1991 Toyota pickup?

Most likely under the hood, close to the battery, with a pop off cover and a diagram on top or inside.

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How do you get the tail light lens off a 1996 Toyota Camry to change the tail light bulb?

The lens doesn't come off. Take the tail light assembly off and take the bulbs out of the rear. Here's how to remove a 1995 or 1996 Camry sedan's tail light assembly in order to replace a bulb. (Toyota makes this pretty complicated for this model.)

1) Detach the carpet from the trunk. Do this by removing the black pastic connectors that attach the carpet above where the tail light assembly is located. Place your thumbs behind the carpet and work the connectors out of the trunk by pushing and wiggling them. This is awkward and requires a good deal of force and patience.

2) Remove two nuts which attach the tail light assembly to the back of the car. Push the bolts through the sheet metal. (Sometimes the gasket on the tail light assembly sticks a little, but you should not need to apply nearly as much pressure as you did for the carpet connectors.)

3) Undo the two snaps which attach the tail light assembly to the side of the car. You can't see these snaps, so here's a description: Protruding from the tail light assembly are two metal pins. Attached to the car are two plastic sleeves which accept these pins. When you look under the carpet in the trunk, you can see the sleeves. The top one you can see in its entirety (eg: if it were transparent, you would be able to see the pin nestled inside of it.) However, the bottom one is of a different design; the only visible portion is merely an arm which juts out at a right angle to the sleeve in order to help anchor the sleeve. Undo the snaps by pulling the tail light assembly away from the side of the car (eg: in a direction perpendicular to the direction that the car would normally travel). Do this by grasping the tail light assembly with both hands and rocking it as you pull. These snaps can be very stubborn; I had to pull so hard that I was concerned the tail light assembly might break. Part of the difficulty is that the bottom pin tends to rust, which gives it a rough surface, which prevents it from sliding easily through the plastic sleeve. Once the tail light assembly has been worked out far enough to see behind it, I find it helps to insert a flat-head screwdriver and twist it to pry out the bottom pin. Once the assembly has been removed, you may want to smooth out any rusted pins with a metal brush and then put grease on them. The grease both lubricates and prevents future rust, thus making life easier the next time you need to remove the tail light assembly. Be aware that most lubricants, including most greases, tend to break down plastics slightly. However, this is the lesser of two evils; the scouring action of the rust would damage the plastic even more than the grease. If the pin is not rusted you may wish to leave it dry so as to protect the plastic.

4) Change the bulbs. They are accessible from the back of the tail light assembly. Removal is the same as for any automotive bulb. Twist the gray plastic socket to unlock it, then remove it from the tail light assembly. To unlock the bulb from the socket, push the bulb in and then twist it.

From a grateful reader: I used this method and it works, but I was able to get the assembly unstuck by spraying WD-40 on the white plastic sleeve of the top pin from inside the trunk. It immediately came free.

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What is the firing order for a 1990 Toyota truck 22R?

The firing order of any engine should be cast into the intake manifold. Check the manifold for a series of numbers that agrees with the number of cylinders in your engine 1-3-4-2 See Joe, owner 1986 Toyota Pick Up with R22 engine

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Where is the thermostat located on a 1992 Toyota truck?

On my 92 Toyota Pickup V6 4X4, it is located in a different section than on the 4cyl. If you are looking straight at the engine, look to your right and down into the engine. Look for the LOWER radiator hose and follow it into the engine block. Romove the housing and this is where the thermostat on my truck was located

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Are straight trucks manual or automatic?

All straight trucks are Automatic
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You need a diagram on how to put back together a motor on a Toyota pickup Can you help?

You can buy a Haynes repair manual at just about any parts store. It may take alot of flipping pages back and forth, but it works. That is how I fixed my 87 pickup.


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