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Where can you get a dragon plate body from?


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July 25, 2009 2:34AM

You must complete While Guthix Sleeps to obtain the pieces of the item as a drop. 92 Smithing is required to use the dragonkin forge to smith the platebody. Kill tormented demons (level 450) for the three pieces. Lump, slice, and shard. Then go to the Blast Furnace and buy a special hammer for 1M gp. You need both key halves obtained from the quest in order to do this, as well as getting as far as the Ancient Cavern in the Barbarian Training miniquest. Go to the Ancient Cavern and up to the mithril dragons. Use the key halves on it and it will forge together. Find the mithril door and use the key there. Use the pieces on the dragonkin forge. Should you not want to go through the trouble, you could buy the platebody.