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Where can you get a good space heater?


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The local hardware store, or online at various stores. Just Google "space heater".


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Yes, space heaters do increase the risk of fire. However, as long as you are safe, and the space heater is in good working condition, it will be fine to use a space heater.

Lasko makes very good indoor space heaters that can easily heat a full bedroom.

Any space heater with tip-over protection will be good and safe for indoor use.

Valco Infrared heater can be used as a space heater. The can save you lots of money on energy costs.

Every flea market is different, however, if you can find a space heater at one, chances are you will get it at a good price. Other places you can try are eBay,Amazon,Craigslist, and your local newspaper classifieds.

A good quality space heater will cost a moderate amount of money, but it is a good investment for a safer product with a greater longevity. We have used the Lasko osilicating ceramic space heater in the past and were quite happy with it's effectiveness. The rotating feature provides heat to a wider area and the temperature gauge allows to raise or lower the heat setting.

Depends upon the size, but it will be listed on the space heater for whatever speed you set. Sometimes the nameplates are difficult to find and might be located on the bottom of the space heater.

A space heater by itself will not cause a fire. However, not following the space heater safety guidelines may start a fire. Actions that may increase the risk of fire include, but are not limited to: Leaving blankets or clothes on the heater, leaving anything flammable near the heater, and leaving the heater on in an unattended environment.

The size of a space heater depends on the size of a living room or bedroom. The best size for a space heater is 150 sq. ft for living rooms and bedrooms.

Frank Whittle is the inventor of the space heater. The space inventor was invented in 1930's by Frank Whittle. There were many people that helped him but he was the person with ideas.

Want to supplement oil heat with propane space heater is it cost effective?

In an electrical space heater, electrical current dissipates energy into heat, and the heat radiates from the element. In a fuel powered space heater, an orifice throttles the fuel feed (resistance to flow), which controls the heating rate. In a steam powered space heater, an orifice throttles the steam (resistance to flow), which controls the heating rate.

In a space station to keep warm you would use a space heater(heater) to keep warm. Space is cold so wearind heavy cloths would help.

You need to get a specified bathroom heater for it to be considered safe.

Adjusting the controls of the heater itself is the only safe way to make a space heater hotter. Manipulation of the inner workings is a surefire way to start a fire or electrocute oneself.

no.....the heater would have to be leaking

Walmart is a little bit less expensive that Target. Since it is a space heater the difference will not be that much huge but any savings is a savings.

They are usually a great idea because they save space and are cheaper than fuel oil. With the price of fuel oil and wood, you can just huddle up in a room with a space heater that costs less.

yes If it's a space heater - don't use diesel if it's dyed.

Space heaters are very handy items to have around because they can quickly heat a small area safely. However, it is a good idea to shop carefully for a space heater. This is true because there are many products that are produced so badly that it’s a good idea to shop around for a high-quality product. With these thoughts in mind, here are a few tips that can help people purchase the right space heater for their homes the first time around. --Try to figure out how often people will use the space heater. This is important to consider because cheaper space heaters tend to break down faster if they are used frequently. As a result, it’s a good idea to think about how often people will use the space heater to see which products are the most practical to purchase. --Try not to purchase the cheapest space heater available. This is true because cheaper products tend to be poorly made and harder to repair. This makes it a good idea to pay a few extra dollars for a better product because they tend to last longer than poorly made products. - -Be sure to also physically inspect any space heater you purchase for dents, scratches and frayed cords. This is true because these problems are signs of a poorly made product or bad inventory management by stores who are in too much of a hurry to put their products up for sale. Here are a couple of tips that can help you inspect space products in person: --Be sure to check the knobs and cords that come with most space heaters. This is a good idea because these parts tend to wear out more quickly than other parts of the machine. --It is also very important to also look for space heaters that are hefty and durable. Purchasing a hefty space heater is a good idea because they are safer to use around young children and pet because they are harder to tip over. Furthermore, purchasing a more durable product is a good long-term investment because they tend to last much longer than space heaters that are poorly made.

A reliance water heater is a very good option for someone looking for a new water heater. They are decent quality and relatively inexpensive. So, in short, yes a reliance heater is a good option.

heater coil is good conductor of electricity

the Frost Fighter IHS #700 Indirect Space Heater ahs 700000 BTUs.

Generally if the space heater is powered by electricity, you can be assured that the running cost will be high. You may be able to lower the cost be running the space heater in short bursts or during times of a lower electricity tariff.

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