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Where can you get a list of all the Oscar winning movies?

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There are several available on the internet, see related links below.

2010-02-28 09:17:14
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Q: Where can you get a list of all the Oscar winning movies?
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Which American movie won an Oscar?

Almost all of the Oscar-winning movies are American movies.

What film received the most Oscar nominations?

Two movies were nominated for 14 awards: Titanic (winning 11) and All About Eve (winning 6).

Where can you get a list of all the Golden Globe winning movies?

At the Golden Globes website or

Is there a site where all of the Oscar Winning Movies can be purchased?

If you go to, Amazon employees and users make lists of movies. If you were to type in "Oscar movies" or "Academy award" movies, I'm sure may lists would come up that would be of use to you. Look for the unbiased ones, not the "My Favorites" lists.

Who won his third Best Director Oscar seventeen years after winning his first?

Idk off the top of my head but check the academy's website there's a list of all the Oscar winners ever on it

Did Titanic win 8 Oscars?

Not exactly, Titanic (1997) won 11 Academy Awards, making it one of the biggest Oscar-winning movies of all time.

What actors and actresses appeared in All About the Movies - 2013?

The cast of All About the Movies - 2013 includes: Oscar Axel Thorborg as Oscar Axle Gunn as Mr. Creely

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What are all of the horror movies?

There are far too many horror movies to list them all.

Where would you find a list of all Disney movies?

There are many places where you could find a list of all Disney movies. Most online sources will have a complete list.

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Why is Anne Baxter famous?

She was an Oscar and Golden Globe award winning actress who was in the movies All About Eve (1950) and The Ten Commandments (1956) among others. She was also the granddaughter of world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Can you list all Brad Pitt movies?

Yes I can.

What is the highest grossing Oscar winning movie?

Avatar is the highest grossing Oscar winning movie of all time worldwide.Avatar is also the highest grossing Oscar winner domestically because the highest grossing movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens did not win in the 5 Oscar categories in was nominated for.When adjusted for inflation, Gone with the Wind in the highest grossing Oscar winning movie.-If you mean the highest grossing movie that won the Best Picture Oscar, that would also be Gone with the Windunadjusted for inflation. It made 199 million dollars.

Dakota Fanning movie list?

Check her IMDB page; it has a list of all movies.

What are all the titles of all the scary movies?

There are hundreds of thousands of horror movies in existence. Far too many to list.

List all of Eric Roberts movies?

A list of Roberts movies can be found on Wikipedia, here is the link.

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Wikipedia has a list of them

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On a wing and a pray

Which Hindi films won Oscar award?

first of all Oscar is an award which is given only to Hollywood movies(or movies released in America).Hindi films will get Oscar for the foreign language films section.But unfortunately no Hindi films ever made to an Oscar.But in 1992 Director satyajit ray(Bengali-Indian) got honorary Oscar.

List all 30 game winning pitchers in mlb?

Denny mclaine, then who else ?

Where might one find a list of all movies released in 2012?

One can surely find a list of all movies released in 2012 on websites such as IMDB. Alternatively, other websites like movie-moron may also have such a list.

Lots of people have won their only Oscar nomination but Mark Berger holds a record for winning all four of his In what category?


Which Oscar-winning director appeared only as a corpse in The Big Chill after all his other scenes were cut?

Kevin Costner.

What Oscar winning film has no female actors?

Twelve O'Clock High (1949) won 2 Oscars with an all male cast