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Normally you can buy them from best buy.I m not sure where else.

no not enymore bestbuy does not carry meez vip or coin cards enymore i checked so do not check a bestbuy for vip

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Q: Where can you get a meez vip card?
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How much does the meez vip card and the meez coin card cost?

The meez vip card and coin card are the same.You can buy it at target for $10.The card gives you meez vip and 10,500 coins.

Can you buy vip on meez with a credit card?

Yes you can.

How many meez coinz do you get when you become vip?

i was in your same situation i had bought meez vip and i thought were are my coinz to get coinz and vip you have to get a meez coin card

How much is it at best buy meez card vip?


How do you get free vip on meez without downloads or surveys?

can i get a free meez vip on meez

What is meez vip code for may 2012?

It can be any code from a card or just get it on line

How do you become a vip on meez?

to become vip you have to pay for it by credit card or if u want to by ur mailbox, i suggest that you do it by crdit card (don't worry roscoe meez is a very trusted man) you shouuld pay for the 1 month one for the auto renewal

How do you buy VIP on meez with PayPal?

Sorry i jsut fond out that u cant get Meez Vip from PAypal find me on meez my name is emoscenegoesraww

How do you be a vip in meez?

you have to buy it.

How can you get vip on meez for free?

it is completely impossible to get vip on meez for Free have to pay real money by phone, or by mail

How do you get vip on meez?

the way to become a vip,is to go on the top of your meez page,where it says LOGIN.near it,it says VIP on shows how long you can rent being vip. 1 moth is 5.99. 3 moths is 16.99.6 months is 29.99.and 1 year is 49.99. and,you can make a pet.when you pay,your meez's name will be yellow in the chatroom.that's how you can tell if ur vip. You can also buy it with a phone. With Meez VIP, You Get: access to all the clothing access to petzmaker your name appears in gold get monthly animations for the world. You can buy it by: Phone, Credit Card, Cash (Mail In), Or A Prepaid card which is available in most countries which have the shops: Best Buy, Target, Cumberlands or Walmart. I hope you have a very pleezy time on meez! Signed: MeezHelper

How To Get Vip On Meez For FreE?