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Where can you get a oaks letter in Pokemon pearl?

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You cant it is impossible. you need to catch ---- R U sure??? ~ trout1234 ~ actually i got one so it cant be impossible can it? and you need to catch what also i cheated and used pokesav it is prob a special event thing

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How can you get oaks letter in Pokemon pearl?

By an Event or by using action replay

How do you get oaks letter in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

in a toys R US event

Is there an action replay code for the oaks letter in Pokemon pearl with Action Replay?

Yes there is

How do you obtain professor oaks letter in Pokemon pearl?

By action replay or events that that come rarely

How do you get Oaks letter in pearl?

u get oaks letter in WFC (wi fi conection)

Can you go to professor oaks lab in Pokemon pearl?


Were do you get oaks letter in Pokemon platinum?

you get oaks letter from a Nintendo event in America

How do you get a shaymin in Pokemon pearl?

you first get to finish your sinnoh pokedex and then you go to pal park to get oaks letter then go to the rock near Pokemon league

What is oaks letter in Pokemon Pearl?

its an item you bring to that rout east of the league to ge shaymin fljkfdljkfljkfdlk;dslk;lfdlkfdslfd

How do you get oaks letter on Pokemon Diamond?

You have to get it from an event, but there hasn't been any event lately for Pokemon diamond/pearl. Most of the events are for platinum now, oaks letter was given out a feew weeks ago for platinum. You can keep a look out though by going to

When do you use WiFi to get oak letter?

you don't use wifi to get the oaks letter.anyhow that's goes to get shamin. ONLY Pokemon PEARL/DIAMOND can get how to get the oaks letter? you have to beat the elite four.then you fly to the Pokemon league go down the watterfall.NOTE! you only can get the oaks letter from pearl or diamond versions.go on to get through.! note you have to have the national the end you will see professer oak talk to him after that go to to find out more!!!!!!!!!! cheres

Does anyone have professor oaks letter in Pokemon?


Pokemon Platinum how to get oaks letter?

Actually the event is starting November 28 in Pokemon platinum. when you get oaks letter go to the place beside victory road.

In Pokemon pearl how do you get Shaymin without Oaks Letter or Action Replay?

You can trade with someone who has Shaymin, but that's your only option. To get Shaymin, you need Oak's Letter or Action Replay.

I have oaks letter your friend made a Pokemon hold it and gave it you but you go to route 204 and no ones there what am i doing wrong on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl of course?

Do not let a Pokemon hold it for it to work.go to floaroma meadow.

How do you get into the extra area in backlot mansion on Pokemon platinum?

u need oaks letter that's where shaymin is get oaks letter.

What do you do with oaks letter on Pokemon Platinum?

take it to the rock up there by the Pokemon league

How do you you get a Shaymin?

Shaymin is an event Pokemon in diamond, pearl and platinum to get it you need oaks letter then he will appear on some route apparently if you talk to him and show him a Pokemon that likes you a bridge will appear and will lead to shaymin.

Where do you go to type in the action replay code for professor oaks letters for Pokemon pearl?

You don't

How To Get Oaks Letter On Pokemon Diamond?

Via Nintendo Wifi.

Is oak's letter shareable in Pokemon Platinum?

No. The Shaymin event (oaks letter) in Pokemon platinum is not shareable. ~Bellafuzz

How do you get Professor Oaks letters This is in Pokemon Pearl Where exactly Please no cheat codes.?

complete the national pokedex and go to canalave city in the pokemart and theres a man by the counter talk and he will give you give you gifts one of them may be oaks letter.

How do you get oaks letter in Pokemon platinum?

i dont really know myself

What Pokemon events will there be in 2010?

members card, Oaks letter, Arceus,

Is oaks letter any use in Pokemon heartgold?

No because it does mater