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Where can you get a private student loan that is not based on tuition?

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there are a couple of credit based companies that will give a private student loan to creditworthy student and a co-borrower such as a parent if necessary. You can use the loan for tuition, books, transportation, housing, and any other related expenses that you'd have as a student.

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where can I get private student load and how can it help me?

A federal student loan is most likely only going to be used on your tuition expenses. This is due to the fact that some federal student loans, like the Stafford or Perkins student loan might only help you pay some of your tuition, in other words it wont cover the full cost of your tuition. In this case it obviously cant help you pay for outside expenses because it does not even cover the cost of your tuition. Private student loans can be much more flexible. A private student loan can be made to cover the entire cost of your tuition as well as cover outside expenses.

where can I get a private student loan?

Private student loans are credit-based, non-federal student loans that can help you cover any school expenses you have remaining when scholarships, grants, and federal student loans arenat enough.

Where can I go for a private student loan?

A good way to get a private student loan is through Chase Select. Chase has a specific program for undergraduate , graduate and graduate health professional students. This is good way to help with tuition cost not covered by other grants.

How do you get a student loan with fair credit and no cosigner?

I have had a lot of experience with private student loans that are non-certified (they do not have to go thru your school to get approved). Next Student has a bit more lenient credit guidelines than many other private student loan companies. You might also try Sallie Mae Tuition Answer Loan. Other loan companies that participate with "fair" credit are American General and Citifinancial. Good Luck!

What is a creditworthy cosigner for a private student loan?

a secured loan

Who can apply for a private student loan?

Any person can apply for a private student loan at any time during the school year. Request for private student loans can be found and filled out online.

How can I find out more about private student loan consolidation?

When you are receiving a private student loan, it cannot be consolidated with federal student loans so you would need to take that into consideration. Here is a website to find out more about private student loan consolidation.

Can you co sign a student loan with bad credit?

In the USA, if the student loan is Federal like a Stafford or Perkins loan, then yes you can cosign with bad credit. If the student loan is a private student loan, then no, you must have good credit. Keep in mind, you should never take out private student loans out until you have used up Federal loans, grants, and scholarships. Private student loans have high interest rates and no benefits.

What are the qualifications for a private student loan?

A private student loan is like any other private loan. Each private lender will determine what qualifications they require the student to meet before they will lend out their money. Some lenders will want some form of collateral and others will base their decision solely on the student's ability to repay the loan.

Where could someone go to look for private student loan consolidations?

To look for private student loan consolidations, on can go to the Student Aid website. The website has information about student loans, including how and where to consolidate them.

Can the borrower of a private student loan change the cosigner during the term of a loan or must she refinance to do that?

AnswerThe short answer is no, you can never change cosigner on a private student loan. If they die, however, it is transferred to you.

Who can obtain a college tuition loan?

Obtaining a college tuition loan varies from country to country. In Ontario, Canada, students wishing to obtain a college tuition loan may apply to Ontario Student Assistance Program for government funded loans.

Where can I find information about student loan rates?

Student loan rates vary by the type of student loan, but can be either fixed or variable rate. Most federal student loans are fixed at 6.8% Private student loan rates are typically higher.

Can you file bankruptcy for your student loans and keep your house out of it?

If the student loan is a federal loan and not a private loan then the answer is no. Federal student loans can not be included in bankruptcy, you will always be responsible for repayment of FEDERAL student loans.

What is a Private Student Loan?

A private student loan is an unsecured loan that is designed to pay for a students college-related expenses. Many students apply for private student loans once they have utilized all their federal financial aid funds. Read on to learn more about private student loans and to find out if this option is for you.How Do I Begin the Application Process?First of all, you must meet with your financial aid counselor to confirm your cost of attendance (COA) for that academic school year. Your COA typically includes college-related expenses, such as tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies. Once you confirm your cost of attendance (COA), you will know the loan amount that you can request on your application. Please keep in mind that your counselor will subtract any federal financial aid that you have been awarded from your COA (federal grants and loans, scholarships, and work-study funds). So, if you qualify for a private student loan, you may only receive funds up to your COA for that school year.What are the Requirements for a Private Student Loan?Private student loans are credit-based loans, so you will need to have good credit in order to qualify for this type of loan product. However, most lenders realize that many college students do not possess a sufficient credit score and/or have not established an adequate amount of credit in their name. Therefore, nearly all private student loan lenders will allow students to apply for a private loan with a co-signer. Although all lenders have their own specific guidelines for private student loans, the co-signer must have an appropriate credit history, with an acceptable credit score, stable work history and references. Also, in order to qualify for a private student loan, a student must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and be currently enrolled at a lender-eligible school.Where Can I Apply for a Private Student Loan?Many financial institutions offer private student loan products. So, speak with a loan specialist at your bank or credit union to inquire about private student loans. In addition, you may also apply for a private student loan by visiting the following websites:,,, and

Where can one receive a student loan?

One can receive a student loan from a local bank, government, organizations and companies. Some of the useful websites with information about student loans are Excite, Student Aid and Simple Tuition.

Applying for National Education Loans?

As the cost of tuition continues to increase, many families and students are taking out student loans to pay for education expenses. Federal student loans are available to undergraduate and graduate students. A student applies for a federally guaranteed student loan when completing the FAFSA. The student's school informs the student of the amount of financial aid awarded from the federal government. The loan amount is automatically applied to a student's account. Student loans must be repaid.Direct LoansThe federal government offers eligible students the opportunity to receive subsidized and unsubsidized loans under the Stafford Loan Program. Students who take out subsidized loans do not have the interest accrue until the student is no longer in school, and after the deferment period ends. The interest on an unsubsidized loan accrues while the student is in school. The amount of money a student can receive as a subsidized or unsubsidized loan depends on the student's classification and financial need.Perkins LoansSome students who cannot meet all of their financial obligations after receiving subsidized and unsubsidized loans may qualify for a Perkins loan. Students must be financially needy to qualify for a Perkins loan. The interest on a Perkins loan is low. In contrast to the Stafford Loan, the student's school functions as the lender for the Perkins loan. The amount of the loan is typically divided into two parts and applied to a student's account in the fall and spring semesters.Private LoansIndividuals who do not qualify for a federal loan can apply for a private loan with a national lender. Private loans can also help an individual bridge the gap between the cost of tuition and the amount of money received in federal financial aid. The amount of interest charged for private student loans is typically higher than the interest for taking out a federal student loan. Approval for a private loan is typically credit-based. Many lenders require students to apply using a co-signer with good credit to be approved for a private student loan.

If you default on a private student loan through a private lender not associated with your school or financial aid office are you still eligible for a federal student loan through your school?

Yes you are.

Can you apply for a student loan even if your tuition is completely covered by financial aid?

yes you can.

Are you responsible for a loan if you do not start classes?

If you do not start classes that you have paid for with a student loan, you should obtain a refund of the tuition and then use the refund to repay the loan.

Can you apply for a private student loan before you apply for a grant?

Yes, but you should find out how much Grant money and Federal student loan money you are eligible for before applying for Private student loans. Grants are free and Federal student loans are cheap. Private student loans are very expensive. Avoid them if you can.

Your Grandpa cosigned your student loan The loan was private He recently passed away Can you get the loan discharged?

No dude you are stuck.

Can wage be garnish in MA for private student loan?

Yes, they can.

Do you have to pay off student loan if you got tuition refund?

Absolutely you got a refund because your loan amount was more than your tuition so yes you have to payback any loan.... grants and scholarship u don't

What is a pepln student loan?

A Peplin student loan is a private education loan as opposed to a federal student loan. Peplin loans usually are available to graduate students who are taking at least 6 credits per semester.

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