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Your state insurance department is your best resource for insurance-related questions and concerns. Find information on insurance companies and agents, rate quotes and comparisons, insurance buying tips, claims filing information and much more!

State Insurance Department websites:

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Q: Where can you get a quote on Commercial insurance for a small fence company?
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What are the insurance rates for commercial boats?

Insurance rates depend on which insurance company you choose to do business with. When you decide which insurance company you want to insure your commercial boat, you fill out a quote for your particular coverage.

What is the best commercial buildings insurance quote?

You can find information for your company on a reasonable building insurance quote from your local insurance dealer such as State Farm or Progressive.

Where can one get a commercial automobile insurance?

One can get a commercial automobile insurance when one goes to the website of easyinsure. This website belongs to an insurance company in Ontario and offers commercial auto quote online.

What company offers commercial van insurance?

There are a few companies that offer insurance for commercial vans. Some of these companies include Nationwide, Geico, Progressive, and Van Quote Direct.

What is a liability insurance quote?

You liability insurance quote is usually a quote on insurance with the minimum of state requirements on insurance. You can usually find these quotes on the website of the insurance company, or simply call the insurance company up to get a quote. To my present knowledge quotes are usually free.

Where can one get a commercial auto insurance quote?

Most auto insurance companies also offer commercial auto insurance. You can attain an online quote online through NetQuote, Geico, or Nationwide insurance.

How can one obtain a car insurance quote from Farmers Insurance?

A car insurance quote from Farmer's Insurance company can be obtained by either visiting a local field office or by using the Farmer's Insurance company's website to obtain a quote for car insurance.

Where can one get a motor insurance quote?

The price of your motor insurance varies with each insurance company. You can ask your insurance company for quotes. You can also go online and check out websites such as The Motor Insurance Quote Network for information.

Where is first Quote Car Insurance located?

1st Quote an insurance company, their contact details are available on their homepage. Depending on which insurance section, the contact information differs. If any inquires of where the company location is, please contact the insurance company.

Where can one get a health quote?

You can get a health quote from a health insurance company. You could call the company Anthem Health Insurance or Blue Cross Blue Shield. Either will give you a quote.

How can someone get quotes from Allstate insurance company?

To get a quote from Allstate insurance, one must call the company first. To call the company simply look for the phone number and you will get your quote

Can you get a life insurance quote offline?

You can, in fact, get a life insurance quote offline. To get a life insurance quote offline, you must contact an insurance company; either through phone, or just driving there.

When you request an auto insurance quote does your current insurance company find out?


What exactly is an online insurance quote?

An online insurance quote is an estimate of how much your monthly bill would be for insurance. It may be auto or medical insurance depending on the company.

Where can one purchase catering insurance?

One can purchase catering insurance from: Simply Business, Business Insurance Now, AXA Insurance, Ampminisure, Commercial Quote Insurance, Quote Zone, BUSSVC, Insurance Providers, to name a few.

Can I get a quote for Commercial Auto Insurance?

Progressive Insurance offers commercial auto insurance and they also will give you a free quote! If you insure more than one vehicle or have more than one policy you can get a multi policy discount.

Where can I go to get a commercial auto insurance quote?

The following insurance companies all offer commercial auto insurance quotes.

What exactly is a car insurance quote?

A car insurance quote is a no obligation estimate that you can get from a car insurance company. They will base the criteria on the quote on things such as previous driving record, and make and year of the car.

can i start a new quote with a auto insurance company if i still owe them?


Where can one get a quote for AAA insurance?

AAA is a highly respectable insurance company that is located in California and Michigan. One can get quote for their house, and car insurance on their official website.

Where can I get a car insurance quote in Georgia?

Assurance America Insurance Company in Atlanta, Georgia can give you a quote on an auto insurance policy. They can be reached at 770-933-8911.

What is an insurance quote?

An insurance quote is the price an insurance company gives you for a particular insurance policy you are interested in buying. The price of an insurance policy depends on the insurance company's calculation of your risk, including factors such as your driving record and the type of car you drive (for car insurance), the location and value of your home (for homeowner's or renter's insurance), and your age (for health insurance).

When deciding to change auto insurance coverage, what on-line company gives an instant auto insurance quote?

Progressive offers you an instant quote.

Where can one find free auto insurance quote rates?

Every major auto insurance company will gladly give you a free rate quote. You can get a quote from any company buy calling them directly, filling out a quote form online or visiting a local agent.

Who are the actors in the Progressive Insurance Pants on Fire commercial?

Direct quote from Progressive's e-mail response: "The actors who play the Rivals from A. Nother Insurance Company are Peter Breitmayer (Bill) and Brad MacDonald (Tom)."