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Title insurance is regulated in NY by their Department of Banking and Insurance.

Check out their website at:

Go on the website of any of the larger title companies or their local agents. They usually have an FAQ section explaining title insurance and what it covers.

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Q: Where can you get a title insurance primer for New York State?
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How do you start a title company in New York State?

Make sure that you are licensed as an insurance producer.

How much is title insurance for New York City?

All title insurance is calculated by a per $1000 rate based on sales price or refinance rate. The State of New York has regulated fees and are determined by geographic zone.

What companies offer car insurance in the state of New York?

There are several car insurance companies operating in the state of New York, such as New York Motor Insurance. Alternatively, one could try Manhattan-Insurance, for example.

Where can you buy insurance in New York State?

"Depending on what type of insurance you are seeking in the state of New York, Progressive Insurance and Nationwide Insurance may be in your best options, if you are seeking life insurance on the otherhand I would begin with Colonial Life Insurance."

Is it mandatory to have boat insurance boat in the state of New York?

In many states it is mandatory to have boat insurance. However, it is not required in the state of New York.

What companies sell private dental insurance in the state of New York?

There are multiple insurance companies selling dental insurance in the state of New York. Two of these companies are Delta and Medlife.

How do you get licensed to write title insurance in New York?

As of today, NY state does not require a state or local test to become licensed. The only requirement is filing forms with the state, and fingerprinting. The title buearu (Dept. of State) has said that they think licensing in NY will not be instituted until 2010 or later.

Can you get full coverage on a vehicle in New York State if you have a salvage title?

Probably. Call Geico and see. I have gotten insurance on salvage cars I've owned.

What is the title of your leader in New York?

If you're referring to New York, the state, the title would be Governor. If you're referring to New York, the city, the title would be Mayor.

What are the names of a few companies for car insurance New York has around?

There are thousands of insurance companies available in the state of New York. Country-Wide, State Farm, and Allstate are just a few that offer car insurance for residents of New York.

Is New York a lien theory state or title theory state?

New York follows Lien Theory.

Is it necessary to have gap auto insurance in New York State?

In New York state it is necessary to have gap auto insurance. It is the seller's legal responsibility to include gap auto insurance in the cost of leasing the vehicle.

Are there any schools in New York City that offer a course in title insurance?

New York is an unlicensed state. You are not required to have any type of title license, therefore, I don't know of any NY title insurance schools. You do have to take a NY Notary course and pass it in order to be a Notary Public. New York has very specific practices, so it is advisable to work directly with an experienced agency to get your "on the job" training. If you are already experienced with title insurance in another state, the basics of title insurance apply in NY. You can take online courses that are an intro to title insurance, but in reviewing most of them, they are general overviews of Title 101 and aren't going to be very useful in the every day, practical use of doing title insurance. You can always come over to NJ and take our title producer's course in order to learn rules of agency, basic title knowledge, etc. The producers's course is general and NJ specific. The best school I know of here is Kovat's Professional School of Real Estate. Kovat wrote the course book and teaches it. You can find the school info under

What company has new york state insurance code 327?

State farm

What company has new york state insurance code 328?

State Farm

Where can one find information on New York state car insurance?

There are many places to find information on New York state car insurance. You may go to a large chain insurance source such as Geico, State Farm, Allstate, or Progressive. You may also visit the New York state Department of Motor Vehicles.

Is State Farm Insurance found throughout the US?

State Farm insurance is available in most places across the U.S., except for New York. If you live in New York, they will direct you to one of their sister insurance companies.

What company has new york state insurance code 997?

Avis Rental car insurance

What company has new york state insurance code 459?

Progressive Direct Insurance Company

Do I need car insurance in New York?

Yes you do. No matter if you drive often or not, in the state of New York you still need insurance coverage.

What is your title when you become a new york state lawyer?


In which states can SBLI life insurance be obtained?

SBLI life insurance can be obtained in the State of New York and is governed by the State of New York. Insurance is also available in California, New Mexico, North Dakota, Vermont and New Jersey.

What kind of services does the New York State Insurance Fund provide?

New York State Insurance Fund provides a few different services to its customers. They work with businesses to provide low cost workers compensation and disability insurance.

In New York state is it illegal to have a drivers license and no insurance?


Does a new york state corporation require liability insurance?

yes they do