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look up your car here but check all your wires. too easy to fry everything if you dont test wires first.

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โˆ™ 2008-07-16 05:15:55
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Q: Where can you get a wiring schematic for a Honda CR-V mark 1?
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Where can you find the speed signal wire on a 2003 Honda CRV?

For the 2003 Honda CR-V EX, the speed sensor wiring is in the cruise control module, which is to the left of the steering column. The wiring is blue and white.

What does the yellow circle with exclamation mark in a 2011 Honda CRV mean?

Low tire pressure

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Honda crv is the best car to drive in the snow and it is also the best car to drive every where and honda crv is the best car in the world

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Go to your library and get the Chiltons book for your car

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There is no such reset button on your Honda CRV.

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One should expect anywhere between $15,000 to $19,000 for a used 2011 Honda CRV. One can purchase a 2011 Honda CRV at a used car dealer or at a Honda dealer.

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No, the CRV strut doesn't fit a Honda Pilot, they are a different part#.

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When did Honda start making the crv?

The first Honda CRV was produced in 1995 but it was not sold in the U.S. until 1997.

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Is Honda making a CRV for 2010?

Yes they are. You can find more results and specifications about the CRV by going onto Honda's website.

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Youtube has a video showing how to replaced the rear pads for a 2003 crv (02 crv is the same as the 2003 crv). At youtube type in 2003 Honda crv brake change. The video is very good.

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