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Where can you get an ejector for a J Stevens Crackshot 22 rifle?


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I have a crackshot 22 and I might be able to get a ejector made by a friend at work . if you would like me to ask him , let me know.meanwhile, DO NOT FIRE that rifle...a word of advice from a dummy,that did fire a gun without the ejector. it almost cost a trigger finger.


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To determine the exact value of a J Stevens Arms Tool Co Crackshot 16 22 caliber rifle a couple factors would need to be taken into consideration. Since the rifle is in good condition, the next most important factor would be the age of the rifle.

Serial numbers were not required before the GCA 68 was enacted.

'Boy's Rifle' is a generic style of rifle. The Stevens Favorite series, including the Crackshot, Little Krag, Maynard Jr, etc, are differentiated by various features such as different sights, slightly different stock styles, etc.

50-150 dollars based on the rifle having between 60%-90% of its original finish remaining.These crackshot rifles were made between the years 1913-1941.

It is a Stevens Crackshot that was made for HSB&Co, a hardware distributer in Chicago. Evidently, Revonoc is Conover spelled backward. The HSB rifles usually had a better finish that the standard Stevens. I have seen both Crackshot, Marksman and Little Scout 22 &32 rifles with this name. Stevens also made rifles for Sears and Montgomery Wards and put their brand names on them.

We manufacture some parts for that model. Let us know what you need.

Serial numbers were not required by law on rifles and shotguns until 1968. Your Crackshot was made LONG before 1968.

stevens arms co favoite 22 long rifle

Anywhere from 65-135 dollars,depending on overall condition and a decent bore.

What is the value of a Stevens Arms 22-Long Rifle Pat. 1913.

what is the value of a Stevens modle 49 22 cal pump rifle.

That's a patent date, not a manufacture date. The Standard Catalog gives a range of values from $125 in Poor condition to $275 in Excellent condition.

A Stevens Model 26 "Crackshot" in .32 caliber was for sale on until the auction closed December 14, 2006. The only price indicated, $257.50 seemed to be the minimum bid specified by the seller.

These savage/Stevens model 72 crackshot rifles were made from 1972-1989.

Value of a 1907 Stevens Jr 22 calibar rifle

hello how old is my savage model 72 seral # isb195687.The savage/stevens model 72 crackshot rifle was made from 1972-1989.Your rifle has a 22in.octagon barrel,and is chambered in .22 long rifle caliber.It has a color case hardened frame,straight stock,and open sights.

The value of a Stevens V 527 22 rifle is actually dependent upon a number of factors. Some of these factors would be the condition and the age of the rifle.

Check gun shops, gun shows, pawn shops, garage sales, estate sales, on line auctions, place a want ad, check for sale ads,

The Stevens model 89,22cal lever action single shot rifle was made in 1976-then discontinued.

The value of a Stevens Model 34 22 LR caliber rifle is between $100 and $300. The overall condition of the rifle plays a large part in the final price.

check cabelas that's where i found a spare clip for my rifle

From Savage Firearms. They bought Stevens in 1920, and it is part of their company.

The J. Stevens Arms Co. of Chicopee Falls, Mass, introduced their Model No. 16 "Crackshot" rifle in 1900. This was also sold with markings as The Keystone, The .22 Marvel or The .22 Spencer. Serial numbers were not required on rifles until the 1968 Gun Control Act.

This company was owned by Sears Roebuck and produced guns from 1905 to 1915.

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