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America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) is the national association representing nearly 1,300 member companies proving health insurance coverage to more than 200 million Americans. Our member companies offer medical insurance, long-term care insurance, disability income insurance, dental insurance, supplemental insurance, stop-loss insurance and reinsurance to consumers, employers and public purchasers.

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Q: Where can you get dental care insurance?
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In the event of a dental emergency, can your insurance cover your care?

Most insurance companies do cover emergency dental care.

What are some of the services provided by Aetna dental insurance?

"Aetna dental insurance provides a variety of health and dental insurance to fit you needs such as affordable discount dental plans that offer preventive care, basic dental care, as well as major dental services."

Where can someone go to purchase dental care insurance?

To purchase dental care insurance, you can check out plans from multiple companies at Dental Plans or Care Plus. You can also go through the insurance companies directly; Cigna and Humana both offer dental plans.

What's a cheap dental insuraNCe in NC?

A cheap dental insurance in NC is care source or another dental insurance that offers help for you for free or are very affordable for anyone looking for assistance.

Which Pennsylvania dental insurance carriers accept HMO Plans?

Health Maintenance Organizations deliver medical care, not dental care. Contact your health care provider about the available options for dental care.

Did dental care plans expand the dental equipment industry?

Since a large proportion of the people covered by dental insurance opted not to receive dental care, the number of people insured in the country

Can a person without insurance get emergency dental care?

No, you will have to pay out of pocket

Is orthodontics insurance the same as dental insurance?

With dental insurance you can get certain amount of dental care along with the orthodontic care. Dental insurance offers you facilities just like a health insurance. While taking the dental care a person also make necessary researches if his dental plan covers the orthodontic insurance. Whereas orthodontic dental insurance includes a large variety of other expenses, too. As for example if you require braces orthodontic insurance will help in covering the expenses too. It will help in covering the expenses incurred in braces adjustments and other routine check-ups too.

Will dental insurance help pay for cosmetic dental work?

Dental insurance does not usually provide benefits for cosmetic treatment. ... Fixing a chip in a front tooth could be considered "cosmetic" and would be covered by dental insurance to a certain extent. Almost no procedure, with the exception of preventative care, is covered at 100% by dental insurance.

Why isn't dental care covered under general medical insurance?

Dental Coverage is not usually covered by General Medical Insurance because it is too expensive.

Do all insurance plans include health eye and dental care?

Usually dental and vision are separate policies from health.

What insurance does nurses get?

Yes they get insurance they have to work dont they... they get at least 500000 in cash for dental and health care......lamo

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