Where can you get expiration codes for best choice food products?

OK Here is the scoop! You just caused harmful illness to A patient. I WAS HELPING a handicapped lady - unable to reach under cabinets She accepts free foods from others.... I noticed some cans were WELL MARKED FOR HER TO SEE the expiration dates and we threw those out from 1994! Food is tooo expensive to throw out...but DEADLY to special stomach patients to EAT! PLEASE GO BEFORE THE BOARD OF BEST CHOICE AND FIX THIS PROBLEM FOR THE UNDER PRIVIAGED. NO WONDER OUR EMERGENCY ROOMS ARE FULL OF STOMACH PROBLEMS - NOT THE FLU ? JUST TAINTED FOOD. OUR HOSPITAL WILL BE INFORMED IMMEDIATELY. Older people can't read in "CODE" THEY DO NOT HAVE COMPUTERS TO REGISTER OR FIND A EXPIRATION CODE THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED BY THE WORLD!!!! I've just notifed our Governor of such a huge problem...overlooked. Thanks for helping Nurse in Oklahoma 1. Please put a expiration date READABLE to patients