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The iPod touch should come with an app called "App Store". You can click on 'Top 25' or 'categories' and select the category you want. The very top bar should have three options, you can select 'Top Free' to see the top free apps. You can also find free apps on your computer using the App Store in iTunes

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How do you get free apps with iPod Touch 2G?

There is no way to get free apps that come WITH the iPod Touch, but you have the ability to download thousands of free apps when you buy it.

Does it cost if you only download free apps on your ipod touch?

No it costs nothing for FREE apps on your ipod touch.

Is getting apps free for ipod touch legal?

There are free apps, and as long as you get the apps that are supposed to be free for free, then it is legal. If you get the apps you are supposed to pay for free by jailbreaking the iPod Touch, it is illegal.

Do you have to pay for free Ipod Touch apps?

Free apps are 100% free.

How do you get all apps for free on iPod Touch without jailbreaking?

You cannot get all apps for free without jailbreaking an iPod Touch. It is not possible.

Where can you get free apps for ipod touch?

You can get free apps from iTunes or the App Store.

Why arnt there free ipod games when there are free iPhone and touch apps?

because there are a lot more ipod touch apps than the regular ipod games and apple doesnt make all the apps but they have to put more effort into the ipod games than the ipod touch/iphone apps.

Are there free ipod touch apps?


What is the iPod touch?

An iPod touch is a touch screen ipod that you can play games and email for FREE!, you can download free apps or even buy new ones

What happens when you jailbreak an iPod touch?

You can get free backgrounds, free apps, and free music by downloading apps

What apps are free on the iPod touch?

Most of the apps are free on the Ipod touch and Iphone but the better the app the more money it will cost! Remember there will always be an app for your choice! So have fun browsing your Ipod touch and Iphone because more apps are going when more apps are coming in!:)

What apps do you have to pay for on the ipod touch?

Any that are not free.

Are some apps for the ipod touch free for real?

Yes, some apps are really free.

How do you get iPod touch apps for free?

A wide variety of apps are free and can be downloaded via the apps section in iTunes or via the App Store on your iPod Touch. In each category, there is a Free section, while there is a green box labeled 'Free' for individual apps.

What is free on the iPod touch?

Many things are free on the iPod Touch. Internet access, and over half the apps in the App Store are free.

Where can you get free apps for the iPod touch?

The app store. Just look for apps that say free or lite.

How do you download free apps to ipod touch?

on the app store there is an area with a couple hundreds of free apps

Do you have to buy apps for an iPod touch?

most apps are free, but u have to pay for some of them!

How much are the apps for an ipod touch?

they range from free to $999.99

What are some free apps for the 8GB IPod touch?

on itunes!!

Where can you go to get free iPod touch apps?

app store

Which apps on an iPod touch are free?

Some are free but some are a lot of money

How do you transfer apps from an iPod touch to another iPod touch?

Plug the new iPod touch into computer and transfer your apps onto it in the apps section

Can you get texting only on the 3rd generation iPod Touch?

The texting free apps are available to all generations of the iPod Touch.

How do you get free games on your i pod touch?

You can jailbreak you iPod. But that's voiding the warranty. Other than that there is no way to get free apps on you iPod touch®