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Keep doing internet searches. Try the they may have something


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The Vikings had swords as their main weapon but they also had basically everything from battleaxes to giant hammers!

Popular Mechanics magazine recommends that you buy a hammer mold from Graham Tool and make/repair your own hammers. The types of techniques they describe for making these hammers can be applied in various ways. Some users have made giant, reliable lead hammers - others' projects fell apart quickly. For best results, get a hammer mold.

Different cultures have had different views or interpretations of solar and lunar eclipses. Some have thought a giant dragon was eating the sun during a solar eclipse.

In a solar eclipse, the Moon gets directly in between the Sun and the Earth, and the Moon's shadow blocks the sunlight. Sort of like a giant rocky cloud!

My father-in-law just recently came upon an Eclipse Giant model double barrel 12 gauge also. Serial # N27212 w/ twist finish and original walnut stock. Any info to it's value would be great. I know they are deemed very dangerous to shoot.

If you were on one of Jupiter's moons, you would see frequent eclipses from the giant planet. Eclipses on Earth are caused by the moon.

Hercules The Legendary Journeys - 1995 Cast a Giant Shadow 2-10 was released on: USA: 13 November 1995 Belgium: 2012

Any Green Lantern has a power ring enabling them to use their natural willpower and imagination to use the ring's energy to do basically anything. From flight to giant hammers and a lasso to teleportation, the ring's power's are virtually endless.

If you stretch your arm straight out at shoulder-height, you can cover the giant sun with the end of your little thumb. Nearby objects appear larger than far-away objects. The sun is about 390 times as far away from us as the moon is.

During a solar eclipse, the "penumbra" of the moon's shadow is the region from which you see part of the sun but not all of it. To us, the sun then resembles a giant cashew in the sky. The "umbra" is the central portion of the moon's shadow, from which the sun appears completely blocked out by the moon, and the eclipse is "total".

Giant can be used as a noun (a giant) and an adjective (a giant tree).

a giant squid is bigger then a giant octupus i agree

female giant panda=female giant panda male giant panda=male giant panda baby giant panda=baby giant panda x

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, in the year 2005 the world's biggest chocolate Easter egg was recorded in Belgium. This giant Easter egg was reported to have weighed 1200kg.

a giant penguin a giant penguin a giant penguin a giant penguin a giant penguin

Those are the giant planets.Those are the giant planets.Those are the giant planets.Those are the giant planets.

Yes, definitely. At its peak, more than 80% of the sun will be missing, and it'll look like a giant skinny cashew in the sky. Check your local newspaper for the time.

Giant can be used for both genders. Giantess can be used for a female giant, but using giant is acceptable.

A red giant is a luminous giant star

A Giant Squid they are bigger

no there was no giant spider

Feminine gender of gaint

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