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Hey I was just looking for a Dentist in Nogales but I ran across this one in Mexicali. I believe that's just SouthWest of Yuma. Anyway here is the site for the guy... Hope that helps you out. I don't know anything about him other than what's on the site, but it does mention implants. Good luck!

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โˆ™ 2006-07-06 03:59:50
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Q: Where can you get implants in Mexico south of Yuma?
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Is yuma in Colorado?

No Yuma is in the very south / west corner of Arizona

What towns in Mexico are near Yuma AZ?

Both San Luis Rio Colorado and Mexicali are close to Yuma.

Where is yuma on a map?

Yuma is at the very bottom of Arizona right next to California above Mexico. In the corner of the state.

What is yuma AZ's county?

The city of Yuma is in Yuma County. It is south of La Paz county and west of Pima and Maricopa county

When did Yuma become part of Mexico?

At the time it was discovered (1540).

Where is the city Yuma?

Yuma is located in the extreme lower left corner of Arizona. Across the east border of California and above Mexico

Where is the Yuma desert located?

South West of Yuma to the Mexican border. Just South of I-80 below 14th street. West of State route 195

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About 2,620 miles.

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3:10 to Yuma (2007) was made mostly in New Mexico. 3:10 to Yuma (1957) was made mostly in Arizona. See Sources and related links for details.

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If you want to get neural implants go to Mexico or behind a dark ally and ask for a guy that give out the neural implant surgery it probably cost you a bit but at least you'll have you implants.

Where is the Foothills Branch Library in Yuma located?

The address of the Foothills Branch Library is: 13226 E South Frontage Rd, Yuma, 85367 7416

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It is 644.29 miles according to MapQuest.

In which US state is the city Yuma in?

It's in the south west corner Arizona.

Where is the main campus of Arizona Western located?

The main Arizona Western College campus is located in Yuma, Arizona. Yuma is located in the southwest corner of Arizona next to the California and Mexico borders.

What are two differences between Mexico and South America?

That Mexico is Mexico and south america is south america

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at their closest point 14 miles & about 4540 feet

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it is in the south

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No Mexico is south of the U.S.A.

What dental school in New Mexico do dental implants?

The University of New Mexico Physicians (UNM) does offer dental implant surgeries.

How can you find a dentist in Oxaca Mexico that does implants and has good recommendations?

By asking the health ministry

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