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Check with the Dept of Insurance in your state or the National Association of Insurance Commissioners website( for links to the state officials where you live

With all due respect, medical insurance is not a self-service product. I just went to a popular online website and got 79 different quotes for my family ranging in price from $209 to $1779. Unless you are in the business it would be very unusual for you to know what the differences are between the plans and how to understand what your best option is.

Ways to make a decision: Website recommendation? These are based on sponsorship; the more money the company pays, the higher in the ranking they get. Their number one pick is over $100 a month higher than my current plan and has a maximum out-of-pocket (OOP) of $22,5000 compared to my current $4800!

Lowest price? The lowest priced plan saves me $150/month. Routine physical & well child care, OBGYN not available first year. Deductible is $2700 higher than my current plan. Max OOP is $4000 higher than my current plan. Separate $1000 deductible for drugs. No drug coverage for non-formulary Rx. No maternity coverage (complications only). No chiropractic care. Annual Maximum benefit $100,000 (need heart surgery or get cancer, count on losing your home).

Lowest deductible? The best recommendation here is $90/month lower. While the deductible is zero, you pay 50% of all bills until Max (OOP) of $22,5000! Generic drugs only, no maternity. 4 days hospitalization only.

Talk to a medical insurance professional? Explain your situation including family structure (if you are having no more kids and have only boys, maternity is not an issue), Rx needs, risk tolerance (high deductible, low deductible, max OOP), doctor preferences and freedom of choice of doctors. Also don't forget peace of mind. Having a plan that keeps you up at night is never a good solution. Let them find you the best price for coverage that meets your needs.

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Q: Where can you get medical insurance quotes?
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