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Where can you get parts for a Victor single shotgun serial 669553?


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2007-06-02 13:39:07
2007-06-02 13:39:07

Some of the larger used parts dealers may have a small quantity. Try or Jack First Gun Shop.


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It's atleast from the 1930's. New crescent didn't make guns after then

There were no serial numbers stamped on the original Winchester Mdl. 37, single shot shotgun.

Please add the serial, but it is likely a single barrel trap gun such as the BT99

Your single shot 12 gauge shotgun was made by the Crescent Firearms Co.This company was in business from 1888-1931.Your single shot is valued at between 50-85 dollars,depending on overall condition.

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Is this shotgun manufactured with a twist steel barrel

nitro hunter shotgun single barrel with exposed hammer stamped belknap hdwre and mfg serial 5516

The New Victor Crescent Firearms Co 12 gauge, single shot shotgun is well suited for hunting small game and birds. The breech loading design is reliable and allows for quick reloading.

Do you mean a 1932 Victor Ejector model? Do you mean a 1932 Victor Ejector model?

Typical Crescent single-barrel shotgun. I have a good supply of parts.

i have a 12 gauge Black Bridge single shoot shot gun the serial number is A649620 CAN YOU TELL ME HOW MUCH I CAN GET FOR THIS

You will need to include the shotgun model number,or model name.Type of shotgun(single shot,pump action,double barrel,or semi-auto)along with the serial number that you have provided to get the correct age of your Winchester shotgun.

This question can't be answered as serial numbers are not unique to a single firearm. Many manufacturers could have made a firearm with that serial number. The only way to answer this is to have a knowledgeable person look at the shotgun - most makers identified their product somewhere.

What year was riverside, 12 gauge, single shot ,model 548 made

What you have is a Model 1885 Single Shot (high-wall) shotgun that was manufactured in the year 1913.

This cannot be answered without a more detailed description of your shotgun.Is your shotgun a semi-auto,over under,pump action,single shot?What markings are on your shotgun?What is the barrel length?

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