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I'm not sure about the value as i have one as well and i can't get a stright answer. Most ansewers i have received are generic, it is older than me my grandfather bought it new for what he said was under $2.00, and I'm 61. Now that said it has more sentimental value than collector. I won't part with mine as i want to pass it on to my grandson. Brownells co. (515-623-5401) or the Gun Parts corp. (914-679-2417). The books i have are before computers so i don't have web site info. I have made spring for various firearms, and you probally find some one near by who works on reconditioning to help. If not in a gun shop try a small machine shop. also try emailing ( ( for more info than i can hold on to, these folks are great.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-14 11:52:17
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Q: Where can you get the 2 springs for a Remington Model 4 22 caliber rifle and what is its value in good shape?
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