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white blazer from Jello tv commercialI contacted Kraft directly(parent company of Jello) and they were no help at all. Their answer was that they use "props" from various department stores and that I should check in my area to see if any stores near me carry the jacket! They also mentioned that they sometimes "alter the props" they use so what you actually see in an advertisement may not be the same representation of the article when they purchased it for their ad. I am disappointed they would/could not be more specific - but that was their answer.
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Is Alabama's leading crop peaches?

Alabama's leading commercial fruit is peaches.

Are peaches a fruit or veg?

Peaches are a fruit.

How did Georgia get peaches to be its state fruit?

Georgia voted for peaches to be the state fruit. Georgia started growing peaches to replace cotton.

Stone fruit are they peaches or stones?

Stone fruit are fruit that have a pit or 'stone' inside - like peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines and cherries.

Are peaches fruit?


Are peaches fruits or veggies?

fruit. It is a stone fruit.

Are peaches winter fruit?

No a peach is not a winter fruit its a summer fruit..

How many fruits are similar to peaches?

There is one fruit similar to peaches and it is nectarine.

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Which fruit grows mold first apples oranges or peaches?

Peaches, Oranges, or Apples. =) the original answer was peaches. lol hehe =)

What is the meaning of peaches in Tamil?

peaches மா நிறம்,peaches a american rock song- creamy fruit, to change the colour

What was Albert Einsteins favorite fruit?


What fruit does a parrakeet eat?

peaches and ornges

What fruit are peaches and apricots classified as?

as an apple

What is Albert Einstein favorite fruit?


Are peaches a fruit or vegetable?

A peach is a fruit. a peach is a fruit because it has a seed in it any thing that has a seed in it is a fruit

The most popular fruit in California and South Carolina?

grape fruit or peaches

Why are peaches furry?

Peaches fur (peach fuzz) protects the fruit from insects. Mainly because if a fly lands on a fruit, the fly wpuld think the fruit was an animal. QUESTION ANSWERD! :D

How do you spell peaches?

That is the correct spelling of the plural noun "peaches" (fuzzy fruit with a large pit, or seed).

The ratio of bananas to peaches in a fruit basket is 2 to 1 if there are 4 bananas then how many peaches are there?


Of the 18 pieces of fruit in the kitchen, one-sixth are peaches. How many peaches are in the kitchen?

the answer is 3