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at bunnings warehouse or astleys Plumbing and bathroom works

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Q: Where can you get tiles like the ones around edge of penny's bath in big bang theory?
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Why is big bang theory considered as widely accepted?

yes many people around the world think that the big bang is a plausable theory

What is one scientific theory?

The Big Bang theory

What is the name of the big bang theory?

The Big Bang Theory

Who developed the bang theory?

Nobody created the big bang theory. The big bang theory created and developed itself.

What is another name for Big Bang Theory?

Hot Big Bang Theory is another name for the Big Bang Theory.

How is the big bang theory is an example od scienctific theory?

Hello i am minakshi answer is that the big bang theory is an example of old scientific theory as big bang theory explains that there was an explosion but the isotropy and the homogenity of the universe is not explained by big bang theory to explain his we connect inflatation theory with big bang theory to explain it so the big bang theory is also an example of old scientific theory.

big bang theory?

BIG Bang is a hypothesis and on the basis of cern research big bang theory was proposed.

What did the big bang theory affect?

The Big Bang theory effected the whole universe. It the theory of the beginning of the universe. Although, since it can't be proven, it's currently marked as just a theory scientists around the globe are trying to prove it.

What disputes the big bang theory?

the disputes of the big bang theory are the acelerating universe ,and the homogenous and isotoropy of space are not suggested by big bang theory.

Scientists extrapolate backwards in time to derive?

the big bang theory

How long did it take for light to be created in the big bang theory?

Visible light was not around for about 300 million years after the Big Bang.

How long has the Big Bang Theory been a TV show?

Currently, The Big Bang Theory is in it's fourth season, in 2010. In years, It started in 2007, and is still around today.

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