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There are three plugs in the back of an Echo radio. Before I blew the fuse, this is what I had figured out. The black one, of course, is the antenna. The other two plugs are white(5 wires) and blue(8 wires). The white plug is mainly speaker wires. The blue plug has speaker wires and the power and ground wires. White plug: Black and Gold wires --- right speaker(not sure front or back) Red and White wires --- left speaker(not sure front or back) (Not sure about the white/green striped wire) Blue plug: Purple and Pink wires --- speaker(not sure L or R, front or back) Green and teal wires --- speaker(not sure L or R, front or back) (Not sure about the green wire) Power in blue plug: Grey wire --- Main power(thru ignition) Teal/yellow striped wire --- Accesary power(constant for stations or clock, etc...) White/black striped wire --- Ground As far as the Kenwood, I don't know. That's the wiring, now if anyone can tell me where the fuse is, I would be ever so appreciative. [Fuse box is located below the steering wheel and to the left, in a storage compartment, you must pull back the plastic cover labled "fuse" and the diagram is on the back of that cover. The ACC fuse is for the radio & cig lighter power.]

2008-05-30 19:41:02
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