Where can you go when you are bored and have little money?

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You can go to the park or the public library for free. Some public libraries even have video games.

Or you can get a job to earn money for the things you want to do.
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Why do you get bored?

People get bored because now-a-days people don't go out, forexample; instead of going out shopping they do it online. Alsobecause of the credit cards people now have less money which meansless time to go out to e.g. the Cinema, Town, Theme parks,Holidays. I would just like to say to people that wrot ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you cant go outside and you are bored?

Play a game, go on the computer, eat, draw, listen to music, clean, school work if u r in school, read a book, try memorizing a long poem or joke.... why would you not be able to go outside anyway, because its raining? take a risk and go out anyway Answer #2 All of the above options, plus a few ( Full Answer )

What is a bore?

Answer . I think a bore is a female pig. But I can't be sure.

How do you get bored?

x#1 Not A Good Answer :you have nothing to do ahaha =]] x#2 Not A Good Answer :nothing can keep your attention very long so you get EXTEMLY bored and go out of your mind!......jk........but it could happen..............jk again:) yup but the nothing keeping you attion is really true! *#3 The Bes ( Full Answer )

How bore and storke can a ford 460 go?

The most common stroker kits out there allow for up to 557 cubic inches with a passenger car cylinder block, by using a 4.50" stroke crankshaft and a 4.44" bore piston. Larger overbores may or may not be possible, depending on the cylinder block selected and how thick the cylinder walls may be with ( Full Answer )

What is a good website to go to when you are bored?

Find A Fact is a great website that can help you when you arebored. There is entertaining information and fun quizzes andvideos. Try out Find A Fact today. The website is also a trustingalternative to Wikipedia, for information. To find it, search withthe search engine Google and type in exactly thi ( Full Answer )

Am I boring you?

Answer"> Answer Well, no. By using just that question you're actually drawing people in. Answer"> Answer What a paradox. Answer"> Answer On the contrary, your question has lifted my spirit! The mere fact that you ask, indicates you are concerned and sensitive to the feelings of others. T ( Full Answer )

How do you not be boring?

Go out to the movies or get together with friends, go shopping, play pool or something you enjoy, spend time with the family. If your bored and alone at home, call some of your friends/family to see what they're up to, and then hang out/eat out or something. There's actually a lot to do. Sometimes, ( Full Answer )

How does money money money go?

It is sang by ABBA, you just go to google and look for the lyric finder or rather youtube then you'll find the answer.

Are you bored of me?

Well it depends who you are and what you are like. So this question remains unanswered.. very. Your the most boring person I've ever meet. If your a dude call me....

If someone dies is married no will and the house is joint names but with no mortgage and very little money does it have to go to probate?

If the wording of the ownership on the title/deed is correct. properly worded, and lawful for that particular state, AND the money is in a joint account with the spouse, they should pass to the surviving spouse without probate. Best thing to do would be to contact your local Bar Association or Legal ( Full Answer )

Where do you go when your bored?

you can go to the mall,the movies.go bowling,go swimming,go to the beach(if you live near it),or you can take a nap

Can you be bored?

The word bored can mean several things. One meaning of the wordbored is sitting around with nothing to do, or to feel what isgoing on is dull and uninteresting. Every person goes through times of boredom or restlessness. Everwonder why classes are set at 50 to 60 minutes in length for gradeschool an ( Full Answer )

Im bored where can you go?

To Never Land If your gunna put an answer at least put one with meaning. I'd go to the park, or just call up some friends and let them decide, you never know, you might like the place they go too and go there more often, or if you want the cinema, always cheers me up when I'm bored.

What bores you?

WikiAnswers... haha jk :D:D:D This is the strangest thing I've ever heard but... whenever my brain gets bored, I start to get very, very nervous, and I start to shake uncontrollably. Like my knee or my back, hands, etc. Also TV bores me a lot. And politics. true that i hate politics but go Barak O ( Full Answer )

Where can you go when your bored?

Go call for a mate. Go shopping. Go to the park.go to the cinema, Just go to fun places. Ask your parents if you can go to the seaside or something.

When you are bored what are you?

If you are bored, you just arent using your imagination. If you really think, and be creative, you can easily find something to do. Once you think hard enough, you will realize there are endless options.

How can you tithe on little gift of money?

1. Tithing is not a part of New Testament Christianity. Nowhere in the Bible are Christians commanded to tithe. 2. Tithing was replaced with Giving. The Bible/Apostle Paul gives guidelines on how to give. Giving is Spirit led. Giving is voluntary. Giving should not be a burden. And giving should be ( Full Answer )

What sites should I go to when I am bored?

pinchweb.com has a good collection of boredom-curing sites. When I am bored.....I usually go on: . PuzzleFarter.com . Disney.com . MyScene.com . Kidzbop.com . Any of my E-Mails . ChipsAhoy.com . SproutOnline.com . Yahoo Games . Google.com . Animals.com Hope that helps!! _________ ( Full Answer )

What is a good site to go on when you are bored?

pinchweb.com has a collection of entertaining websites, find some there. Other good websites to visit when you are bored could be: . Brain game websites . Brain teaser websites . game websites (free with no downloads) . Google for a topic of interest to you . Kongreagate it can help you ge ( Full Answer )

Where can you go if your bored?

The mall, the movies, watch TV, if you live near a beach like I do go there, have friends over. Dude this is a stupid question, you can figure this one out yourself! (But hopefully I helped.) :)

What to do when bored and have no money?

do chores.get money.go to mall.. ---------------------- Go ride a bike, hang with friends, go fishing, help someone do something, or..... get a job.

What is boring?

adj. Uninteresting and tiresome; dull. boringly bor'ing·ly adv. boringness bor'ing·ness n. SYNONYMS boring, monotonous, tedious, irksome, tiresome, humdrum. These adjectives refer to what is so uninteresting as to cause mental weariness. Boring implies feelings of list ( Full Answer )

What is the best website to go to if you are bored?

the best and funniest website is prob. http://thellamapossy.webs.com when i first visited the site i don't think Ive laughed more in my life!!!!! www.lolgallovespuppydogs.spaces.live.com bored.com or fmylife.com

What is the highest bore you can go on a LT1 350?

.120. Anything more than that, and you will hit water. However, you can sleeve the block, and go much further. Sleeves are not as bad as they used to be. They use a step type design now.

Where is a good place to go on a date when you have little money?

Ok, I know this may sound a little corny, but a good place would be the coast. I live in San Diego, & when my boyfriend and I are tight on money, we just go there. It's fun, simple, & yall can have a good time. (: If you don't live by the coast though, try going to the park, the mall, maybe you guys ( Full Answer )

Is he bored of you?

ewww that last one was totally gross. ANYWAY, you know hes bored if he is ignoring you or not talking to you. OR worse, when you try to talk to him, he will roll his eyes and stare blankly. Good luck!

How come getting money never gets boring?

Perhaps because no matter how much you acquire with money you "get", it doesn't satisfy, and you then find something else you "need", so thus desire to "get" more money.

Can you fire a shotgun with a little bit of lint in the bore?

It depends on what you mean by "a little bit." If you mean that there are a few tiny bits of lint visible in the bore, as in small fibers clinging to the bore wall, then yes, it's safe to fire. If you mean that there's a "little bit" the size of a mouse, then no, do NOT fire it. Either way, wisdom ( Full Answer )

What website do you go to when I'm bored?

One that I like to go on is wannahavefun121.webs.com i get entertained and is fun like the2ndworld.webs.com. They both have games and videos, but if you just want to play games you can go to mostfungames.com, gamesgames.com, and for videos youtube.

Why do people go to school if it's so boring?

People go through school because if they don't their life will be a failure. Degrees are in everything ,the higher the degree the better opportunity.

Where do you get bored?

People usually get bored while waiting, for example, waiting in lines, waiting for a phone call, waiting for school to end, etc. And people get bored at school!!But only GEEKS dont!! People also get bored when something is happening that they do not find a particular interest in. This is also all ( Full Answer )

How do you make time go by but its boring at your house?

You can play board, card, or video games; watch movies; watch television; or go outside and play. Also lifting weights and running helps too. Even reading or writing poetry, songs, or stories is good.

What can you go on with a computer when your bored?

There are several websites you can go on when you are bored. You can play flash online games, stream music/music videos and other videos. You could also improve your knowledge about web design, program design etc. If you are still bored, you could always play a PC game like The Sims.

Where can you go when bored?

The mall The beach The Park Go for a walk A friends house The Library Your favorite store.... Anything like that.

What is an idiom for when you have very little money?

You might say you were "caught short" if you didn't have enough topay for something. You could say that you only earn "chicken feed"if you don't make much. You could be "down and out" if you havenothing.

How can you make a little money at home?

There are a variety of ways to make extra money from home. Some individuals make money at home by doing any of the following; . Selling Items on Ebay . Babysitting . Start a Home Based Business . Obtain a Work at Home Job . Becoming a mystery shopper . Blogging . Becoming an Affili ( Full Answer )

What website should you go to if you are bored?

I say you should go to YouTube, Omegle, or Bored.com. If you like to watch videos, YouTube is a website where you can watch enjoyable videos whenever you want. If you want to waste time, or just bored, Omegle is a website where you can talk to strangers. You can video chat, or just type conversation ( Full Answer )

Do you feel boring when you first go abroad?

Yes, of course it is. But you still can find something interestingto do. I like to know a place through a trip or through the museumor theatre show. For me, I came to China for almost a year. If youwant to get a wonderful weekends in China and know Chinese culturewell, I suggest you to watch theatre ( Full Answer )

Why do I get bored?

One reason could be that you are very intelligent and are notgetting enough to do that challenges you. If this is the case youshould be intelligent enough to set your own goals and start doingstuff. The other could be that you are just plane idle and cant bebothered to do anything that challenges yo ( Full Answer )