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See the Related Links, including the entry from the Oxford University Press.

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Q: Where can you learn about classical Greek architecture?
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What is the Greek classical order of masculinity in architecture?


Which Greek order of architecture does the Parthenon employ?


What is the difference between classical architecture and software architecture?

Classical architecture is usually called on Greek and Roman architecture, describing an ancient era of architecture. Software architecture has nothing to do with buildingsm it is computer systems engineering.

How do you learn how to write in ancient Greek?

Learn the Greek alphabet, learn the classical Greek language, and write it.

What are the three orders of classical Greek architecture?

Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian

What is an example of classical architecture?

Doric, Ionic (Parthanon on the greek Acropolis)

Which are characteristics of classical Greek architecture?

balance & symmetry.ordered in marble.

What has the author William Hugh Plommer written?

William Hugh Plommer has written: 'Ancient and classical architecture' -- subject(s): Ancient Architecture, Architecture, Ancient, Architecture, Greek, Architecture, Roman, Greek Architecture, Roman Architecture

What structure is considered to be the finest example of Classical Greek architecture?

The temple of Apollo

Why greek architecture is called classical architecture?

Classical is a strange word to define. For the purpose of talking about Greek architecture, Classical means that it was made during the time period that is called classical antiquity. This generally includes Roman and Etruscan architecture as well. One could say that a Greek temple was a classical building, a Gothic cathedral is a Medieval building, and the cathedral in Florence is a Renaissance building. Those labels refer mostly to the time period the building was built in. It gets tricky in architecture when we start using words like classical to talk about buildings that were built in a different time period, but look like they were built in a classical time period.

Was neoclassical architecture very decorative?

NeoClassical is simply a reproduction of Greek and Roman classical architecture. It is a very broad category.

What term refers to the inner chamber of a temple in classical architecture?

The inner chamber of a classical Greek temple is known as the 'naos' in Greek, or also 'cella' in Latin.

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