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If your local gunsmith can't help you, try contacting the company. Savage arms has a website.

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Q: Where can you locate a stock for a Savage Arms and J Stevens over under?
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Where is the serial number on a Stevens 410-22 over and under with a tenite stock and what is it worth?


Where can I find a breech bolt for a steven 87T .22 rifle?

Thru website for gunpartscorp. Look under Savage/Stevens/Springfield. They have them in stock for $12.75 plus shipping.

What is the value of a Stevens Savage Model 240 410 over and under double hammer with woodgrain plastic forearm and stock?

Currently they are bringing between $200 - $400 depending on the condition.

Where to get a 22 410 over and under?

Savage Model 42 is the only one currently in production. Otherwise you would have to find someone that still has others in stock or used, such as Rossi or Stevens.

Where can you get a schematic for a Springfield Savage 187 S?

E gunworks has them i think and im very sure if you dont find it under springfield/savage look under stevens/savage 87 S it should be the same gun good luck DAVE

Where do you get diagrams of a Revelation Model 300 Shotgun?

This is a Savage models 30D, 30E, 30F 0r a Stevens model 67, or Savage model 30-30AC Check these models. I appears both Stevens ans Savage made a model 300 for Western Auto under the Revelation name.

Where can you find a magazine for a Stevens Model 954 semi automatic 22? Listed under Savage $20.00

What is the value of a savage over and under 20 gauge 22?

i need a price on the Stevens 20 gauge 1913

What company is curently producing the Stevens model 22-410 shot gun under a different model number?

Stevens is a sub division of the Savage arms Company.That is were I would start my search.The Savage model 24 is the model number.

Need Info on JStevens Shotgun?

Then in order to answer it, WE need information. The J. Stevens Arms and Tool Company was purchased by Savage in about 1920, but continued making guns under the Stevens name. If you need date of manufacture, contact customer service at Savage website.

Does a picture of a Springfield rifle model 87m exist?

My Gun Trader's Guide doesn't list an "M" version and doesn't picture the model 87, but if you go to the library and locate this book on the shelf, I'll bet you can find a picture in one of the nearby volumes. If you can't find it under Springfield, look for Stevens and Savage. Stevens division of Savage Arms made it. If there's an 87M with any of their names, it will be the same gun.

Where do you find replacement gun stocks for a model 15 Stevens 22 rifle?

You can find them at the website for gunpartscorp. It is part number 984040A. Look under S, then under Savage/ Stevens/ Springfield. It is a walnut replacement, and rather expensive.

Where can you find a stock for a savage 330 over under 20 gauge shotgun?


What is the value of a Savage Stevens model 24 410 over under shotgun?

Depends where you live, what model it is and what condition it is in Locally (new zealand) if in good condition usually about $500 - $750 (NZD) up to $1200 for excellent condition models with the walnut stock

When was a Savage Stevens Mod 710 series K 30-06 bolt-action rifle manufactured and how many of them were made?

I can't find a model 710 under either the Savage or Stevens listings in any of my reference books. The Model 710 is the Western Field Model. It crosses over to a Savage Model 110. My 710 was purchased at Wards about 1980.

What years was the Stevens 325-C 30-30 produced Or what year was serial numbers required?

the Stevens model 325 series was produced by Savage from 1947 until it was discontinued in 1950.Later savage manufactured the 340 (essentially the same gun) under the Savage name.Serial numbers were required under the gun control act which was made into law in 1968.From that point on all firearms made were required to have serial numbers.

What is the age of a 22 caliber Springfield Model 87A rifle?

Springfield" was one of the brand names used by Savage Arms Corporation, and they also made guns under the "Stevens" name after they acquired the Stevens company in the 1920s. The Model 87 was sold in several slightly different models under slightly different names until finally discontinued in 1987 hoped that help some This name was used by Stevens/Savage from about 1920 until 1948.

Where to locate serial no. on a Savage Arms model 1907 32 cal pocket gun?

On the front of the frame under the slide/barrel.

When did Stevens Arms move to the Westfield MA factory?

Savage Arms bought Stevens in 1920, and from 1920 through 1946 guns were made under both names at the Savage plant in Utica NY and at the Stevens plant in Chicopee Falls MA. In 1946, all operations were merged into the Chicopee Falls location, and then all operations were subsequently moved to Westfield MA in 1959.

What is the manufacture date of a Stevens Model 240 410 over and under double hammer with wood grain plastic forearm and stock?

Your Stevens model 240 was made from 1940-1945.

What is the value of a Savage Stevens model 24 410 over-under shotgun?

Depending on exactly which variant it is, and the condition, from $150-$350.

Did Stevens offer the 311A 16 gauge with a dark wood stock and checkered forearm stock and a black plate under the pistol grip?

yes, i have one that my father gave me

Who manufactured the Wards Western Field Model 52?

Double barrel hammerless boxlock, right? My cross-reference list says this is a Savage/Stevens 315. I can't find any references that show it ever being sold under the Savage or Stevens name, only as Riverside, Springfield, and apparently various 'store brands'.

How to locate savage 20 gauge with 22 magnum over and under with gold trigger and engraved chamber with turkeys?

We have one in idaho. very good condition----

What is the value of a Savage Arms Corporation Stevens Model 311 A 12 gauge over-under 2 34 inch chamber?

The model 311 is a side-by-side.