Where can you obtain a manual for a Ranger 16 Gauge pump shotgun?


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You will have to prowl the pawn shops, gun shows, gun shops and place want ads aside from searching the internet.

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The Sears Ranger 105-20 16 gauge shotgun came out in the 1930s. The Sears Ranger shotgun has a 26-inch barrel.

No browning did not,but winchester made a ranger model pump action shotgun.

If you are asking if Winchester made a Ranger model 120/12 gauge shotgun,then the answer is yes.It was the economy version of the model 1200 shotgun which was made from 1964-1981.

You can purchase parts for a Ranger model 30 16 gauge shotgun at these locations. Gunbroker, Topgunsupply, Budsgunshop, Gunpartshop and Midwayusa.

No not to my knowledge but Winchester did.

The exact value of a Winchester model 120 Ranger 12 gauge shotgun with Winchoke is actually dependent upon a number of factors. Some of these factors would be the age and condition of the shotgun.

Read the owner's manual or have a gunsmith do it.

i have a ranger 12 gauge pump model 30 like to know what year it was made and it might be worth

According to my Chilton repair manual , fuse # 16 is a 15 amp fuse for the fuel gauge on a 1994 Ford Ranger

The Ranger Model 30 was built by Stevens between 1904 & 1932.

The winchester model 120 ranger model shotgun was made between 1964-1981.

You can find an owners manual for a Savage Arms Foremost model 6670H, 12 gauge shotgun by contacting the company. The phone number to call for the manual is 413 642-4261.

Go to and you can download a manual.

Depends on which model/manufacturer.

If you don't have an owner's manual, take it to a gunsmith

between 90-200 dollars depending on condition.

The model 120 ranger shotgun ranges in price from 90-170 dollars depending on the overall condition of the gun and a good bore.

No age records, most likely a Mossberg shotgun, values $50-$75.

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