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Try Davesace site or mosquitocontroltrap site. Both have some replacement parts or might be able to special order or refer you.

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Q: Where can you purchase a replacement fan assembly for a Mosquito Magnet?
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Is the mosquito magnet an innovation if so what type of?

The mosquito magnet is an invention to trap mosquitoes. The magnet has chemicals that attract mosquitoes but then trap them.

Mosquito magnet rapid flashing red light?

The rapid, flashing red light on a mosquito magnet works to draw the insects near. Then, ultrasonic waves harm or even kill them.

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Where can one purchase magnet wire?

One can purchase Magnet Wire from "Go Brushless/Micro Dan" or "Tech-Fixx" These stores have online shopping so you can purchase them from their websites. For 315 feet of Magnet wire, one can purchase from "Rat Shack" for only $6.59.

Your mosquito magnet defender won't start no light no nothing any ideas Power is good to the unit?

Does it have an internal fuse?

What is the part number or manufacturer of the thermistor used in a Mosquito Magnet?

We have a Liberty and it was just repaired and the service form says it was MM490015

Where can a permanent magnet motor be purchased?

One can purchase a permanent magnet motor online from Grainger where they have many available for around $400. One can also find them for purchase on ebay.

Which perfume fragrances are more likely to act as a mosquito magnet?

Perfumes, colognes, shampoos and body lotions can act as mosquito magnets. Those with floral or fruity scents are the most likely to attract mosquitoes.

Where can one purchase a novelty refrigerator magnet?

There are plenty of places in order for one to purchase a novelty refrigerator magnet. However, it is strongly recommended that one should order from the website Amazon.

What is electromagnetic shock absorber?

Electromagnetic shock absorbers for potential use in vehicles are fabricated and tested for their performance. They transform the energy dissipated in shock absorbers into electrical power. An Electro-magnet Shock has been fabricated. The shock consists of three assemblies: the permanent magnet assembly, the coil assembly, and the case assembly

What is a mosquito magnet?

Sometimes people who are especially attractive to mosquitoes are colloquially referred to as "mosquito magnets." The "Mosquito Magnet" is a patented mosquito trap, made by American Biophysics It's a machine that uses propane gas to mimic the C02, heat, and moistures that attracts mosquitoes to people. Then it vaccums the bugs into a net where they eventually die. They are not cheap. You need a new tank of propane ($15) and a lure ($4) every 21 days. You need some other supplies periodically. The machines sell for between $300 and $1500 depending on model.

Where can you get your mosquito magnet fixed?

Hello; When I had trouble I googled mosquito magnet and got there home page. They dont seem to fix them but they have a list of authorized places. I live in Mass. so there were 5 places (all the same company) Josephs Hardware. They were really knowledgable and real nice people. They fixed my machine for a fraction of buying a new one, and they taught me a better way of maintaining my machine. They gave me alot of info that Mosquito Magnet doesn't even seem to know. This company even has a Josephs in Florida. They seem to be the best at fixing them. Good Luck!

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