Best Answer has them 15.00 plus shipping clips fit models 52 56 57 69 69a 75 also can be found on ebay I found them at for $10.50, each.

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Q: Where can you purchase just the clip for a Winchester Model 69?
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Where can you purchase just the clip for a Winchester Model 57?

Try gun shops, gun shows, estate sales, place a want ad, egunparts, pawn shops and on line auctions.

Where might you purchase a clip magazine for a Marlin model 56?

NUMRICH CORP. APROX. $15 EACH FOR A 10 SHOT CLIP NEW, If you need one get 2 just in case !!

What year was Winchester model 63 serial number 106208?

I just recently obtain a 1912 model winchester . I lwould love the date of this gun . Serial 26273.The year the model 12 winchester was made was 1913.The year that the winchester model 63 was made is 1952.I hope this helps.

Where is the serial number on a Winchester model 53 located?

The serial number on a Winchester model 53 is on the bottom of the receiver, just behind the foregrip stock.

What is the value of a Winchester model 94 32 caliber?

I just bought a pre 64 model 94 winchester 32 caliber, it has USA stamped in the stock just below the lever. Any ideas?

What model is Winchester serial 518457?

Impossible to answer with just the serial number.

Where can you find a magazine for a 22 caliber Winchester Model 69A rifle?

well just put in the model number and the part you are looking for in Google and then just shop something like: Winchester model 69 A magazine assembly

What year was the Winchester model 140 manufactured?

Between 1967-1973, just as the model 141-145 was.

Where can you get a clip for a 12 gauge Revelation model R312AB bolt action?

This model of shotgun is identicle to a mossberg 395. You can still purchase clips for this model online or at gunshows. There are 2 round and 5 round clips availible. Just search for the mossberg 395 clips.

Where do I find a clip for a 410 shotgun Model 18c?

Well help or just say no

You just bought a Winchester model 1895 Lee What is it worth?

Original answerer does not know

What year is your Winchester 3030 sn 2563647?

You will need a model number not just the caliber

How do you look up the date of manufacture for a Winchester Model 61 serial 270369?

Should be able to find this model in the Manufacture Date - Winchester section of In fact, you can find it there. I just did. It's 1958.

Informationon ted Williams model 100 30-30 273.532140 sn v133218?

That was the Sears house brand, and basically a "knock off" of the Winchester Model 94 lever action rifle, made for Sears by Winchester. i.e. the Sears Ted Williams Model 100, was in reality a re-badged Winchester Model 94, and was manufactured in USA by Winchester. So it is of high quality, just lacks the Winchester logo If you're smart and shop around, you can basically get that Model 100 for a fraction of the Winchester version, and have the same darn gun for less money.

What is the value of a Winchester rifle model 70 ranger in good condition?

I just paid $600.08

Value of Winchester model 64 deluxe 32 cal?

just paid 1500.00 for one

What is the year built of a Winchester Model 97 serial number 848358?

Is your gun a shotgun? If so it was made in 1937. There doesn't seem to be just a Winchester Model 97, all I know they ever made with the numbers 97 were the Model 697 and another called a Model 1897. Hope that helps.

Is a bolt available for a Winchester model 57 rifle?

Try I have an extra Winchester model 69a/75 and i guess it fits the 57 bolt just contact me if your interested in purchasing or trading

What is the age and caliber of model 1894 Serial 83930?

your model 1894 Winchester was made in 1897,as to the caliber it should be marked on the top of the barrel just ahead of the bolt 30wcf=30-30 Winchester,32wcf=32 Winchester special,38wcf=38-55winchester etc.

Where is the serial number on a Winchester model 670 243?

It could be possable that your Winchester model 670 does not have a serial number.The gun control act of 1968 mandated that serial numbers be present on all firearms made.The Winchester model 670 was made from 1967-1973.If it was made after 1968 then it would be located on the receiver just behind the barrel.

How do you get the window crank off of a 2005 Pontiac Sunfire 2-door if there does not appear to be a clip?

Trust me there is a clip it is a real cheap wire horseshoe shaped clip, the only way to remove this clip is you need to purchase a tool just for removing clips on window cranks.

How do you find out the value of a Winchester rifle?

You need to find out what model your Winchester is. Just knowing the caliber won't do. The same serial number will exist on almost every model. If the rifle is a model 670A it was an 'economy' version of the Model 70, sold in department stores. Value today at retail is $250-$300.

What is value of a 1954 Winchester 30-30 and are they common?

I just sold a Winchester Model 94 30-30 at a public auction on 07/28/05 for $270.00. It was a 1947 production rifle. The pre 1964 produced Winchester Model 94 30-30s are more sought after than the post 1964 30-30s. The Winchester Model 94 is still found easily in auctions and used gun shops.

How do you remove window winder on 1993 Toyota Corrola?

I think you will find that there is a clip that holds it on. You will need to pop the clip off and then the handle just comes right off. The clip is a C shape with 2 ends to allow purchase.

What is the value of a Winchester model 1884 serial number 356663?

No way to value with just the serial number.