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You can purchase looseleaf binders andnclip boards at Office Max ,Staples any regular store.:)

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Q: Where can you purchase looseleaf binders and clip boards made from recycled computer circuit boards?
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What recycled office products can you buy?

There are more than 8000 different recycled office products a person can buy. These items include binders. paper products, calendars, pens, pencils, and filing supplies.

Where is one able to purchase a book binder?

You can purchase a book binder from specialty office supply stores. You can purchase a book binder from Staples Business Depot, Office Max and Book Binders Design.

Is binders an concrete noun?

Yes, binders is a concrete noun.

Where do you get binders for your trading cards on webkinz?

You can buy Trading Card Binders at the Wshop:)

What grade 9 school supplies do you need?

If you are curious you do not need as much stuff as you did in elementary school! You need: 1) 4 HB pencils 2) 2 sturdy 2 and a 1/2 inch binders 3) 2 pencil cases for your binders 4) 2 blue pens 5) 2 red pens 6) Looseleaf (400 sheets) 7) Scientific Calculator 8) Pencil Crayons (24)- These are used in Art and Social classes. 9) 2 White Erasers 10) Wite-Out

Why are binders added to drugs?

Binders are added to drugs cohesively hold the active pharmaceutical ingredient together with the inactive ingridients. The hard granules formed will flow well and should not crumble. Two types of binders are used: wet binders and dry binders. Wet binders are used in wet granulation. Examples include sucrose, dextrose, starch paste, polyvinypyrrolidone, and solvents such as water or acetone. On the other hand, dry binders such as microcrystalline cellulose are used in dry granulation.

What is the plural of binder?


Where can you buy binders?

a shop...

Where can one purchase a 3 ring binder?

A three ring binder can be purchased from any office supply store such as Office Max or Staples. You can also purchase three ring binders from any mass department store such as Walmart and Target.

When was Wlison Jones Binders born?

Wilson Jones Binders are a type of three ring binder, by ACCO, a company that manufactures binders. The Wilson Jones binder was first established (or 'born') over 100 years ago.

Where are binders made at today?


Who invented binders?

Fredrick something !!!

When was binders invented?

Ring Binders were invented in 1886 by a man named Friedrich Soennecken. He also invented the hole bunch in 1886.

What is binders and strengtheners?

panget kayong makakabasanito

When were binders invented?

The binder was invented in Germany!!

What rhymes with reminders?

binders, finders, winders

Do they sell Selena Gomez binders?


Where can you buy a green mead five star binders?

Walmart normally carries a variety Five Star Binders around when school starts in the US.

What is the difference between a binder and a three ring binder?

Binders are covers that hold multiple pieces of paper together. There are many different kinds of binders. A 3-ring binder has three rings that can snap open to permit paper to be put on the rings - as long as the paper has three holes punched in each sheet. There are also 2-ring binders and a variety of clip binders.

What is the phone number of the American Book Binders Museum in San Francisco California?

The phone number of the American Book Binders Museum is: 415-824-9754.

What did Ruth j miro do?

she invented the ring binders .

Where can you buy no zippered Roxy binders?

You can buy no zippered Roxy binders in quite a few different places. Here are some of them: - - Tilly's (it's a store) -

What is the difference between non view and view binders?

View binders let you insert a cover peice of paper so that you can design your binder and non view don't!

What are some ways for a girl to bind her chest?

Ace bandages, tight pantyhose (layered), tight bras, homemade binders (sewing required), commercial binders (look up ftm chest binders and you'll find them sold for a wide range of prices). Anything cloth, just about.

How much do notebooks and or binders cost at staples?

More than they are worth. At target they have 15cent notebooks, 25cent crayons, and at Walmart they have 15 cent folders. You can get binders at Walgreens or Cvs.