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It's in your military records, or you can go to AKO, or contact the recruitment office that took you to MEPPS.

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Q: Where can you receive your ASVAB score military recruit or old high school I'm not part of the military and I finished high school?
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When can college coaches talk to a recruit?

college coaches can talk to a recruit when he or she has finished the eleventh grade at any high school..

What do kids do in military school?

They receive a military education along with a civilian education.

Where do you go to receive military training?

To receive military training you must go to an military school or some academy for military. Or even a boot camp can help you learn about military training.

Pay for School?

Joining the military is one way that students can use to pay for school. The military provides very generous scholarships to students who want to attend graduate school or receive an undergraduate degree. A student can also receive a living stipend if he or she decides to join the military in order to pay for school.

What are ways the military can get men for service?

They recruit. At my high school, local army, navy, etc. recruiters will sit outside our cafeteria during lunch talking to people and telling them more about the military.

Should miltary recruitment officers be allowed on high school campuses?

Yes they should be allowed to recruit for our all volunteer military it is a great career choice for some.

What are the startegies a military recrutier will follow to recruit a person into military?

Many recruiters will state the benefits upfront and walk the canidate through each of the rewards. Another way is to canvas high school seniors or others who may be at the start of their adult lives. Military recruiters will often stretch the truth to recruit a person into the military (but never lie). They may exaggerate your chances of getting sent to what base you want, or your chances of getting what job you want.

What are some different types of military training?

Depending on what one's military occupational specialty is, will depend on the type of training that they receive. I was a radar repairman. I went to basic training, military combat training, basic electronics school, and radar repairman school.

My son is 21 years old and he is not motivated, he finished his freshman in an art school, but was dismissed for the second semester, what kind of military school will fit him?

Are you sure your son wants to attend military school? If so, an online directory of military schools can be found at: I do not know where you are from, so you will have to enter your zip code at the website to find a military school for your troubled son.

What's the difference between military school and boot camp?

A military school is a private school which emphasizes military style training and discipline. In general these are designed to prepare students for college if not a career in the military. A boot camp is a place where new military recruits receive their basic military training. However the term is often used to denote programs where wayward youths are sent in an attempt to change their behavior with strict discipline.

what is private military school?

The difference between a regular military school and private military school is that a private military school is more expensive than a regular military school.

Why is Military School important?

The difference between a regular military school and private military school is that a private military school is more expensive than a regular military school.