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The route near pal park use superrod

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Where to see lumineon in Pokemon diamond version?

A Pokemon

How do you get lumineon Pokemon Diamond?

You get a LUMINEON at level 32 on Pokemon Diamond.

Where do you see lumineon in Pokemon Diamond?

evolve your finneon

Are there any trainers in Pokemon Diamond that have Lumineon?

There is no Lumineon in diamond

What Pokemon is number 135 in Pokemon Diamond?

Lumineon Lumineon the evolved from of Finneon

Where do you get Linneon in Pokemon Diamond?

you cant catch a lumineon in diamond you have to evolve a finneon if you just want to see a lumineon a trainer just above sunyshore city

Where to see lumineon in Pokemon Diamond?

When u surf north of sunyshore city, i think one of those swimming girls has a lumineon.

What is Pokemon number 135 on Pokemon Diamond?


Where can you see the second evolution of finneon?

In Pokemon diamond, Pearl and Platinum you can see the evolved form of Finneon, Lumineon, on Route 223 in a trainer battle. The trainer who has a Lumineon is called Miranda. In Pokemon Platinum the trainer Cassandra also has a Lumineon.

What is the 135 Pokemon diamond in the pokedex?


Where to see a luminoen in Pokemon Diamond?

Swimmer Miranda on route 223 has a Lumineon :) Hope this helped

Where can you find a lumineon in Pokemon diamond?

you can find a lumineon in the river close to floaroma town if you be patient

What is Pokemon no 135 in Pokemon Diamond?

Lumineon the evovled form finneon

What is the envove of finnon on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?


Which trainer has lumineon in Pokemon diamond?

There's a trainer on route 223 that has a lumineon, and you'll have to surf across the route to get to ther trainer which has the lumineon.

What is number 135 on the Sinnoh pokedex on Pokemon diamond?


What trainer has Lumineon in Pokemon diamond?

Surf north of sunyshore city and one of those swimmer girls has a lumineon.

Is there a trainer with a combee or a lumineon in Pokemon diamond?

Yes there are trainers that will have a Combee and a Lumineon, an Aroma Lady in Route 208 has Combee and a Swimmer in Route 223 has Lumineon.

What trainer has a lumineon on Pokemon diamond?

There is a girl swimmer on route 223

Where can you find Lumineon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

catch a finneon and evolve it.

What comes after finneon in Pokemon Diamond?

lumineon (evolded form of finneon)

Where do you see limeneon in Pokemon diamond?

You can se lumineon in the route between Sunyshore and Victory Road. One of the swimmers hold it. You can also see lumineon if you level up finneon and evolve it. I think it evolves at around lv 30.

How can your fineeon evolve in Pokemon diamond?

Finneon evolves into Lumineon at level 31.

How do you get Lumineon in Pokemon Diamond?

catch by the water in front of canalave with a super rod

Can you find lumineon in Pokemon diamond with a good rod?

No. It is only with the super rod.