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Where can you send a 2000 Chevy Z71 instrument panel for replacement of the mileage and LED shift indicator lights?


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2008-01-06 13:13:01
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You will need to take the old instrument panel cluster assembly to a GM dealership so they can order the proper replacement cluster and it must have the mileage programmed at the dealer when installed in the vehicle as well as programmed. Without programming the IPC will not function properly. Clusters are sent in for exchange only.


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When you turn on the ignition the service indicator lights up, then press the reset button in the instrument until the mileage resets. This takes around 15 secs so be patient!

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I assume you mean a turn signal indicator on the instrument panel. Remove the instrument cluster (procedure varies with different vehicles). The bulbs for all the warning and indicator lights, as well as for instrument illumination, are typically in twist-out holders mounted on the back side of the cluster.

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indicator lights means the vehicle is turning

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